People Are Leaving These Five Illinois Towns as Quickly as Possible


Illinois, a state highlighted for its varied people, culture, and economy, is facing issues in several of its communities. Certain locations are seeing a significant loss in population as inhabitants leave for a variety of reasons. Here are five Illinois communities that are suffering severe population decline.

1. Harvey

Harvey, a city in Chicago’s south suburbs, was once an affluent and varied neighborhood. However, it is now dealing with government failure, resource depletion, and a breakdown in social order. Harvey has a large debt load, a high tax rate, and a bad credit rating. Furthermore, corruption is widespread, with numerous officials charged or convicted of different offenses.

2. Decatur

Decatur, located in central Illinois along the Sangamon River, was once a major agricultural and industrial center. Currently, it faces issues such as decreases in both sectors, population loss, and inadequate growth. The city struggles with high unemployment, poverty rates, and a low median income. Furthermore, due to high pollution levels, it is one of the worst cities in the state and the country in terms of air quality.

3. Cairo

Cairo, located in southern Illinois at the junction of the Mississippi and Ohio rivers, was once a prosperous port and trading city. However, it currently confronts challenges such as high unemployment, poverty, crime, and degradation. Since 1960, the town’s population has declined by 80%, leaving numerous abandoned or decrepit structures. Frequently referred to as “America’s forgotten city” and “the most depressing place in Illinois.”

4. Danville

Danville, located in eastern Illinois near the Indiana border, has long been a thriving industrial and agricultural center. It is currently grappling with declining manufacturing, growing drug misuse, and limited economic options. The city has a high rate of poverty, a low median income, and low levels of education. It is also one of the most dangerous cities in the state and the country, with a high rate of violent crime.

5. Rockford

Rockford, Illinois’ third-largest city in the state’s northern region, was once a hub for innovation and manufacturing. However, it is currently facing issues such as industry loss, poor infrastructure, and insufficient investment. The city faces significant unemployment, poverty rates, and a low median income. It is also regarded as the most hazardous city in Illinois, and one of the most dangerous in the country, due to high crime rates.


Several Illinois municipalities, including Harvey, Decatur, Cairo, Danville, and Rockford, are experiencing substantial population declines. Their problems are exacerbated by issues such as government failure, resource depletion, and societal disintegration.

Issues such as high unemployment, poverty, violence, and environmental concerns affect these communities, demanding significant redevelopment plans. Despite their problems, these towns mirror the state’s greater economic and social dynamics, necessitating collaborative efforts to confront and reverse population decrease for a more sustainable future.

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