People Are Leaving Seven Louisiana Towns as Soon as They Can


In the center of Louisiana, a state that is full of life and culture, people are leaving some towns quickly, which is a strange trend. This study tells the stories of five Louisiana towns that have seen a large number of people leave, which is very different from the state’s lively spirit.

Even though these places have bayous and a lively music scene, people have left because of economic problems, environmental problems, or other reasons. Each town has its problems, such as a drop in population or hard times financially. The goal of this study is to find out what’s causing this trend and what it means for the towns in the Pelican State that are dealing with the flight.

1. Bogalusa

Another small town that used to be a thriving industry hub but is now going downhill is Bogalusa. In 2010, 12,232 people lived in the town. By 2020, only 10,856 people did. That’s an 11.2% drop. The Great Southern Lumber Company built Bogalusa in 1906 as a company town. At the time, it was the biggest sawmill in the world.

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The timber business did not grow as much in the second half of the 20th century, though, and the town lost its main source of cash and jobs. The poverty rate in Bogalusa is 34.7%, the median family income is $25,462, and the typical home value is $66,900.

2. Abbeville

Cajun culture and history are important to the small town of Abbeville in Vermilion Parish. But the town is also losing people and having trouble with its finances. In 2010, 12,257 people lived in the town. By 2020, only 11,537 people did. That’s a loss of 5.9%. Abbeville’s economy depends a lot on the oil and gas business, which has been hurt badly by low prices and less demand over the past few years. The town is also losing land and the coast, which makes it uncertain if it will be able to stay open in the future.

3. Morgan City

There is a small city called Morgan City in St. Mary Parish. It is on the Atchafalaya River. The city is known for the Shrimp and Petroleum Festival, which is held every year to honor its two main businesses. But both of these businesses have been having a hard time lately, and the city’s population has been going down. In 2010, there were 12,404 people living in the city. By 2020, there will only be 10,917, a 12% drop. Morgan City is also at risk for floods, storms, and rising sea levels.

4. Natchitoches

French explorers started living in Natchitoches in 1714, making it the state’s longest stable settlement. People know the city for its historic area, which has many buildings and sites from the time of the colonies. A lot of people also like to visit the city, especially around Christmas, when it has a festival of lights.

But the city is losing people, even though it has a lot of history and beauty. In 2010, 18,323 people lived in the city. By 2020, only 17,485 people did. This is a 4.6% drop. The economy of the city is mostly made up of schooling, health care, and tourism, which are not very steady or profitable industries.

5. Alexandria

Alexandria is one of the cities in Louisiana that is losing the fastest. It is the ninth-largest city in the state. The number of people living in the city dropped from 47,723 in 2010 to 46,561 in 2020, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. There has been poverty, crime, and unemployment in the city for a long time. 28.9% of people lived in poverty in 2020, and there were 1,049 serious crimes for every 100,000 people. The jobless rate was 8.6%.

6. Monroe

Monroe is another big Louisiana city that is losing people. In 2010, there were 48,815 people living in the city. By 2020, there will only be 46,344, a 5.1% drop. Monroe has some of the same problems as Alexandria, like poverty, crime, and joblessness.

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In 2020, 36.9% of people lived in poverty, 1,211 serious crimes happened for every 100,000 people, and 9.2% of people were unemployed. The city is also prone to floods and storms, which have recently caused a lot of damage and forced people to move.

7. Bastrop

The number of people living in the small town of Bastrop in Morehouse Parish has dropped sharply over the last ten years. In 2010, 11,365 people lived in the town. By 2020, only 9,075 people did. That’s a 20.1% drop. The main reason people left was that the nearby International Paper mill, which employed a lot of people, shut down in 2008.

About 1,500 people worked at the mill, and it indirectly supported another 2,000 jobs. Since then, the town hasn’t been able to get back on its feet after the economic shock. It has been poor and has low incomes.

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