Paterson Police Shut Down Illegal Clubs: 300 CHARGES and 70 ARRESTS Since Spring

Image by: Shore News Network

PATERSON – Back in February, the Nightlife Task Force, which is the organization responsible for the crackdown on illegal after-hours places and nightclubs, began having discussions for the first time. The task force did not begin its operations in the streets until the spring of this year.

These late-night locations are considered to be “hotbeds for illegal alcohol sales, violent crime, drug and human trafficking, and gambling,” according to the police department.

According to the Philadelphia Police Department, almost one out of every five gunshots that occurred in 2023 were associated with these after-hours locations. According to Officer in Charge Isa M. Abbassi, who spoke with News 12 New Jersey, the authorities carried out more than 400 inspections, 300 criminal charges, and 70 arrests during the months of March and June 20, 2018.

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On the Facebook page of the department, there is a report that is updated every weekend detailing the most recent achievements of the task force. During the weekend before last, they made ten arrests, shut down two places, and seized illegal narcotics, among other things.

“The people of this city deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods and to enjoy a peaceful and quiet night without the need to worry about whatever may spill out of the illegal nightclubs that have plagued this city for far too long,” noted Abbassi. “This city has been plagued by these nightclubs for far too long…”

For non-emergency inquiries, the department’s non-emergency hotline is 973-321-1111, and tips can be sent here.

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