Northern California avian flu surges, threatening livestock, egg supplies


Flu, RSV, and COVID-19 are likely to be at their peak in January and February. According to infectious disease experts, now is the moment to be cautious.

Respiratory infections can infiltrate your system from any place.

“I’m not sure where I got it. I have no idea. “I didn’t know anyone who was sick,” claimed Los Angeles resident Arcelia Gallegos.

Gallegos, a breast cancer survivor, claims she took precautions to avoid contact with sick persons but nevertheless contracted a serious Respiratory Syncytial Virus infection.

“I thought I had a cold, but it turned out to be RSV.” I went to the doctor because I felt quite unwell. “At first, I thought it was COVID, but it wasn’t, thank goodness,” she explained.

“It isn’t just COVID.” It’s more than just influenza and RSV. “We’re seeing RSV plus COVID and influenza plus COVID,” said infectious disease specialist Dr. Suman Radhakrishna of Dignity Health California Hospital Medical Center.

She stated that she sees a lot of patients who have two infections. They are largely old and immunocompromised people, but she claims that everyone is at risk.

“Even if you were healthy, it brings your immune system down and now if you have influenza or COVID along with RSV, you feel miserable and terrible for a longer period of time,” Radhakrishna said in a statement.

Her recommendation is to obtain a flu vaccination. Consult your doctor about the RSV vaccine if you are over 60 or pregnant.

Northern California avian flu surges, threatening livestock, egg supplies

And, if you haven’t already received the current COVID shot, do it right away because it could kickstart your protection within days.

“To boost that immune response, a week should be more than adequate,” she went on to say.

Because of the post-holiday spike, Los Angeles County has imposed a mask-wearing restriction for all licensed healthcare facilities, public transportation, and transportation hubs.

“It is generally recommended that you mask until the surge subsides,” Radhakrishna said.

“I mean, the masks are useful, especially for someone like me.” Because I have a weakened immune system, I may get it anyplace,” Gallegos explained.

The elderly account for the majority of COVID hospitalizations and deaths.

If you haven’t been affected yet, health experts say now is the time to receive the newest COVID vaccination. Only 10% of residents 6 months and older in Los Angeles County are up to date.

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