North Carolina Man Admits to Brutal 4-hour Torture, Murder of Housemates After Disabling Shotgun Lock

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A 30-year-old North Carolina man will serve the rest of his life in prison after admitting to killing the couple he was living with by breaking off a trigger lock and shooting them to death.

Christian Webster pleaded guilty Monday to two counts of first-degree murder in the deaths of Matthew Johnson, 34, and William Hulme, 26, according to court records. According to a news release from the Franklinton Police Department, officers responded at approximately 2 a.m. on April 5 to a double homicide on Pine Street. After an hour-long standoff, authorities arrested Webster. When they examined the house, they discovered Johnson and Hulme had been killed.

It was the second time in just a week that cops had responded to the home. Police responded to a shots fired complaint on March 31 and arrested Webster on a charge of firing a firearm. Cops said they collected weaponry from the house, but at least one firearm — a shotgun — remained behind. According to investigators, Webster cut the trigger lock on the shotgun before murdering his housemates.

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According to a courtroom report from Raleigh NBC station WRAL, family members expressed their grief over the loss of loved ones. Hulme’s father, Tom Hulme, told the court that Webster tormented his son and Johnson for four hours. He claimed Webster should suffer the same fate as his son.

“I would gladly do the same thing to that man right in front of everybody here,” he continued, nodding at Webster.

Family members also described the terrible crime scene.

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The “blood-stained tub” continues to bother me. lawandcrime reports that one family member said, “I’ll never forget it.”

According to a detective, Webster told cops he killed the couple and “expressed that he wanted to harm people since he was a child.” A psychiatrist also testified that Webster had a long history of mental illness and a disposition that was more than just narcissistic.

“[It is] far deeper in seed, much more hazardous, and much more frightening. “They just don’t emotionally attach to the people around them,” Dr. George Patrick Corvin reportedly stated.

Johnson and Hulme were a happy couple, according to their family. Johnson, according to his obituary, was a pharmacist as well as a superb pianist. According to the obituary, Hulme also worked at a drugstore and enjoyed camping, fishing, and hunting.

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