New Poll Indicates Trump Holds Edge Over Biden in Age, Mental, and Physical Fitness

Greenville, SC - February 20 : Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump speaks with moderator Laura Ingraham during a Fox News Channel town Hall held in Greenville, SC on Tuesday, Feb 20, 2024.

In a recent poll, Joe Biden is currently ahead of Donald Trump among registered voters, despite the former president leading in areas like age, and mental and physical fitness.

In a recent national poll by Quinnipiac University, 49% of registered voters support the president, while 45% back Mr. Trump.

In late January, a recent survey revealed that 50% of respondents favored Mr. Biden, while 44% supported Mr. Trump.

Within the Democratic party, 93% are in favor of Mr. Biden while four percent are supporting the anticipated Republican candidate. Meanwhile, 91% of Republicans are in favor of Mr. Trump, while seven per cent support Mr. Biden.

During a hypothetical election scenario involving independent and Green Party candidates, Biden captures 38% of the support, Trump receives 37%, Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. earns 15%, Cornel West gets 3%, and Jill Stein garners 3%, as reported by Quinnipiac.

According to a recent survey, 67% of voters believe that Mr. Biden, aged 81, is too old to serve another term, while 31% think he’s not too elderly to continue.

Last September, a survey by Quinnipiac revealed that 68% of respondents believed that Mr. Biden was too old to remain as president, while 28% disagreed.

Meanwhile, a majority of voters – 57 per cent – also believed that Mr Trump, 77, is too old, while 41 per cent disagreed, compared to 63 to 34 per cent in September.

When questioned about the candidates’ physical fitness for a potential second term, 35% expressed confidence in Mr. Biden, while 60% felt the same about Mr. Trump.

62% of respondents believe that Mr. Biden lacks the necessary fitness, while 37% feel the same about Mr. Trump.

Poll: Trump Leads in Mental Fitness, Biden in Ethics

CULVER CITY, CA, UNITED STATES – FEBRUARY 21: US President Joe Biden pays a visit to Culver City for his campaign at Julian Dixon in Los Angeles, California, United States on February 21, 2024.


Mr Trump outperforms Mr Biden in terms of mental fitness, with 48% of respondents expressing confidence in Mr Trump compared to 34% for Mr Biden. Sixty-four percent of respondents expressed doubts about Mr. Biden’s mental fitness, while 51 percent felt the same about the former president.

When it came to ethics, empathy, and temperament, Mr. Biden emerged as the top choice among voters for all three questions.

Forty-nine percent of respondents believe Mr. Biden is ethical, while 47 percent do not. Additionally, 51 percent think he cares about average Americans, while 47 percent do not. Lastly, 49 percent feel he has the necessary personality and temperament to serve effectively as president, while 50 percent disagree.

When it comes to ethics, only 29% of people believe Mr. Trump is ethical, while 68% disagree. Additionally, 42% think he cares about average people, but 57% believe he doesn’t. Furthermore, only 37% think he has the right personality and temperament to be president, with 61% disagreeing.

According to a statement from Tim Malloy, a Polling Analyst at Quinnipiac University, a Biden-Trump split decision on physical and emotional fitness leaves both looking vulnerable.

Trump emerges as the clear winner when it comes to the age and stamina issue, but voters trust Biden more for his empathy towards them and his emotional stability to handle the job.

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