Nationwide Petition Gains Momentum: Call to Shut Down Hazardous ‘Natural’ Gas Sparks Urgent Action in Multiple States


The article in question criticizes the gas industry for pushing natural gas as a greener fuel option even though it gives off harmful greenhouse gases. It praises Massachusetts for trying to switch from natural gas to electricity and asks other states to do the same. People who read the story are also asked to sign a petition asking states to stop using toxic natural gas.

Public Opinion

There are a lot of different points of view in the comments section, which shows how complicated the problem is. A lot of people who read the article are worried about how possible it is to shut down natural gas since many homes use it for heating, cooking, and hot water. They want to know who would pay to fix up these homes so they can use different energy sources.

“ok, this is great, shutdown natural gas. yet HUNDREDS if not millions OF HOMES use natural gas to heat, cook, and hot water. so please tell me who’s going to pay to refit all these HOMES ???”

Some people say that natural gas is a cleaner energy source than others and that it is unrealistic to think that it doesn’t need to work with other choices. Some people are afraid that pushing agendas without getting other major polluters to clean up their act could destroy the US economy and the dollar’s worth.

“Natural Gas is, in effect, a cleaner, more natural energy source compared to certain other offerings. There are pros and cons with anything in life, energy is no different…”

Some people don’t believe in the science behind climate change and the part CO2 plays in making the world warmer. Some people say that plants need CO2 and that the amounts in the air right now are not as bad as people usually say.

“You are confused. Climate changes all the time. Magnetic poles are shifting. During this process more things tend to happen. plants need co2…”

There are clear differences in how people feel about natural gas and how it affects the world. Some readers like the idea of shutting down natural gas because it contributes to greenhouse gas emissions, but others are worried about how it would work in real life and how it would affect the economy. Some people also don’t believe the science behind climate change and the part CO2 plays in making the world warmer.

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