Most People Forgot About This Abandoned Place in Missouri


Visit the Lemp Brewery, one of Missouri’s most haunted abandoned buildings, for a spine-chilling journey. The brewery, which was once a booming hub for the famed Falstaff beer, now has a grim record of tragedies and suicides, giving the place a gloomy feel. Join me in uncovering the frightening story of the Lemp family, their thriving brewery, and the rumored spirits that haunt the place.

Rise and Fall of the Lemp Empire

Johann Adam Lemp, a German immigrant, founded the Lemp Brewery in 1838, which first sold vinegar and beer. After discovering a perfect cave system for lagering, Lemp focused on brewing, and by 1840, a massive brewery stood above the caverns. Johann died in 1862, and his son, William J. Lemp, acquired the firm.

William developed the brewery, making it one of the country’s largest, and erected a home next to it. Despite his achievements, personal tragedy struck when his beloved son, Frederick, died in 1901, followed by his close friend Frederick Pabst in 1904. William, overcome with sadness, committed himself on February 13, 1904, by shooting himself in his bedroom.

Following his father’s death, William J. Lemp Jr. took over and led a flamboyant lifestyle characterized by lavish parties and relationships. During Prohibition, the brewery had troubles, and financial issues prompted William Jr. to follow in his father’s footsteps, killing himself with a self-inflicted gunshot in 1922. The brewery was eventually sold for a fraction of its worth.

Tragedy continued to strike the Lemp family, with suicides and unhappy endings for the surviving children. The chateau became a boarding house, and the brewery’s collapse continued.

Paranormal Activity at the Lemp Brewery

Today, the Lemp Brewery and Mansion attract both visitors and paranormal aficionados. Reports of paranormal activity include sightings of apparitions, unexplained voices, footsteps, unsettling locations, and things moving on their own. Some notable phantom figures are:

  • The ghostly apparition of William J. Lemp Sr. in his bedroom and corridor.
  • William J. Lemp Jr.’s spirit haunts his workplace and basement.
  • Elsa Lemp Wright’s apparition in her bedroom and dining area.
  • Charles Lemp’s spirit haunts his room and the attic.
  • William Lemp III’s soul lingers in the attic and in the third story.
  • Lavina, William Jr.’s claimed mistress, is haunting the basement.
  • The spirit of a little girl haunts the nursery.


Explore the creepy Lemp Brewery, which used to be a busy hub for Falstaff beer in Missouri. Johann Adam Lemp started the brewery in 1838, but it wasn’t very successful because of a string of bad luck, including deaths and money problems. Today, it’s an eerie reminder of the Lemp family’s troubled past. Paranormal investigators have reported seeing ghostly figures and strange things happening there, which adds another unsettling layer to its history.

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