Most People Forget About This Abandoned Place in North Carolina State


A lost town once thrived on moonshine and logging. It is tucked away in a remote valley along the Nolichucky River, close to the border between North Carolina and Tennessee. This place, called “The Lost Cove,” is one of the most strange and interesting places that people have left behind in North Carolina. It looks like time has stopped there, and nature has taken back what people left behind. This is why you should check out the Lost Cove if you’re brave enough.


In the late 1800s, pioneers who were looking for a quiet and productive place moved to the Lost Cove. A small town with wood cabins, a school, a church, a post office, and a general shop was built by them. They also farmed animals, grew food, and hunted and fished in the wild areas nearby. The Lost Cove was self-sufficient and cut off from the rest of the world, though dealers and travelers would sometimes stop by.

Because the Lost Cove was so far away, it was also a great place for moonshining, which is the illegal making and selling of alcohol. The Lost Cove became a hub for bootleggers during Prohibition. They used the river and the railway tracks to move their goods. People came from all over to buy the Lost Cove’s booze because it was so good and strong. Besides making money, moonshining caused trouble. The Lost Cove was attacked by both federal agents and rival gangs more than once.

The Lost Cove started to get worse when the wood industry in the area went out of business in the 1950s. A lot of the people who lived there left their homes and things behind to find work elsewhere. The lack of roads and power made life hard and dangerous in The Lost Cove, which was already in a bad spot. In the late 1960s, the last people who lived in Lost Cove left, and the town was left empty.


There are only a few buildings left in Lost Cove, which is now a ghost town. The church, the school, and the graveyard, all of which are on a hill with a view of the valley, are the most well-known. The church is just a simple wooden building with a bell and a tower. There is a stove and a whiteboard in the one-room cabin that serves as the school. It’s a small piece of land with a few gravestones, some of which are from the 1800s.

The rest of the village is spread out along the river and railway tracks that run through the valley. There are some log houses, and some of them still have beds, tables, chairs, and other things inside. The general store, the post office, the barns, and the moonshine stills are also still there. A few of the houses and buildings have fallen or caught fire, while others are hidden by trees and plants.


It’s not easy to get to Lost Cove because it’s in a rough and remote area. The only ways to get to the town are by hiking, biking, or kayaking. There are no roads or paths that lead there. The hike goes around for about 10 miles and includes crossing a river, going up steep hills, and getting through thick woods. The bike ride goes along the railway lines, which are sometimes blocked by rocks or downed trees. It’s about 15 miles round trip. Going on the kayak trip is about 20 miles round trip, and you have to paddle up and down the fast-moving river.

For the same reason, The Lost Cove is not for the weak of the heart. It is a mysterious and dangerous place. People say that the Lost Cove is cursed by the ghosts of people who used to live there and don’t like how outsiders are getting in. Voices, footsteps, laughs, and music have been heard in the village by some tourists, especially at night. Some people have said they have seen ghosts, shadows, and lights in the houses and homes. There are also rumors that the Lost Cove has unsolved crimes, hidden riches, and secrets that have been buried.

Many people who like history and excitement will find something new and exciting at The Lost Cove. That spot takes you to a different time and place, where you can look at the ruins of a long-ago town and think about what life was like there. You can push your body and mind to their limits there, but the views and moments you’ll never forget are worth it. You’ll never forget that spot.

Final Words

Finally, Lost Cove, a faraway dead town with a long history of moonshining and logging, seems stuck in the past as it stands on the Nolichucky River. It has been empty since the late 1960s, but the remains of a society that used to live on its own can still be seen. Lost Cove is only reachable by difficult hikes, bike rides, or kayaking trips. Its creepy atmosphere and rumors of ghosts attract adventurers, giving a one-of-a-kind and memorable experience to those drawn to its strange history and beautiful scenery.

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