People Say This is the Most Haunted Place in Vermont


Vermont is known for its beautiful scenery, interesting history, and cute towns. But there is a darker side to the state that is full of stories about ghosts, curses, and strange events. Vermont has a lot of spooky places, but the Eddy House in Chittenden stands out as one with a particularly scary and interesting ghost.

The Eddy House: Medium and Phantom Mansion

The Eddy House has a scary past because it used to belong to Zepaniah Eddy, whose three children came from a family of magicians. The Eddy children, William, Horatio, and Mary, were said to have mediumistic skills from a very young age. They were seen playing with ghosts, going into trances, and speaking in ghostly voices. They were eventually kicked out of school for doing things like supposedly floating desks and throwing books through the air.

Zepaniah sold his kids to a moving circus because he was sick of all the ghostly activity. They were used cruelly for 14 years. After their father died, the kids went back to the Eddy House and turned it into an inn called the Green Tavern. Here, they held séances for guests and seemed to have no trouble calling on ghosts. Henry Steel Olcott, a journalist who later helped to start the Theosophical Society, went to see them to make sure they were telling the truth about their skills.

Obsessed with the Eddys’ supernatural abilities, Olcott wrote about them in a book called “People from Other Worlds,” which included pictures of ghosts, the estate, and the Eddy House. People said that the Eddys could summon the souls of famous people from history, like Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln, as well as strange beings, like a Hindu princess, a Native American chief, and even a huge snake.

It was said that some ghosts came from worlds far away, like Jupiter and Saturn. The Eddys said they had no power over these ghosts, and they sometimes said they were scared when they were around them.

The Eddy House Today: Paranormal Activity Among the Skiing

The Eddy House is now the High Life Ski Club, a skier’s club. In the home, club members report doors opening and closing themselves, disembodied footsteps and voices, items changing or vanishing, and cold spots and drafts. Some even see Eddys and their ethereal guests or feel their presence.

Paranormal investigators with access have recorded EVPs, photos, and videos of these hauntings. The Eddy House is one of Vermont’s and maybe the world’s most haunted sites owing to its diverse and intense paranormal activity.


The Eddy children were psychic, and the house where they lived in Chittenden, Vermont, has a scary past of ghosts. The house, which used to belong to Zepaniah Eddy, was the site of séances and ghostly experiences. The kids were sold to a show and were mistreated there. They later came back to build the Green Tavern. As the High Life Ski Club, the Eddy House is now home to recorded ghostly activities, solidifying its reputation as one of Vermont’s most haunted places with documented ghostly events.

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