More Weed is Smoked in This Illinois County Than Any Other


Cannabis, also referred to as grass, weed, pot, or marijuana, is one of the most widely used psychoactive chemicals in the US. A Gallup poll conducted in 2021 found that 12% of adult Americans use cannabis.

However, there are notable differences in the frequency of marijuana usage between states and counties. In-depth analysis of the states and counties with the highest cannabis use rates in the US is the goal of this blog article, which also looks into possible contributing variables.

Which States Inhale Marijuana the Most?

According to an analysis of data from the National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH), which provides state-level estimates for mental health and substance use indicators in 2021 and 2022, Vermont has the highest reported rate of marijuana use among people aged 12 and older in the past year (28.3%). The top five states for marijuana usage are Vermont (25.7%), Oregon (27.5%), Alaska (26.7%), Maine (26.5%), and Massachusetts (25.9%).

There are similarities among these states that might account for their higher-than-average marijuana consumption rates. First of all, as of April 2021, they are one of the 16 states where adults 21 and older can use marijuana recreationally. Legalization typically lowers stigma and legal dangers while increasing accessibility, availability, and social acceptance.

Second, these states have comparatively high rates of school attainment and college enrollment, which may be linked to more progressive views and marijuana experimentation. Finally, they show comparatively low rates of religious attendance and affiliation, which suggests less moral objection and a higher tolerance for marijuana usage.

Which Counties Smoke Marijuana the Most

Examining county-level data from the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) for 2016 and 2017 offers a more focused perspective on marijuana use trends in the United States, whereas state-level data gives a more general picture. At 16.9% among those 12 years of age or older, Cook County, Illinois, is the county where marijuana usage in the previous month was most frequently reported.

The top five counties with the highest marijuana usage are Cook County; Denver County, Colorado (16.5%); Multnomah County, Oregon (15.9%); San Francisco County, California (15.8%); and King County, Washington (15.6%).

Cook County, which includes Chicago and its suburbs, is distinguished by its large population, diversity, and special qualities. It has a diversified population that includes a large number of immigrants, young adults, and members of racial and ethnic minorities, all of whom can influence cultural norms and preferences around marijuana usage. Moreover, Cook County has high rates of poverty, crime, and income inequality—factors that might exacerbate stress, hardship, and heightened susceptibility to marijuana use.

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In Summary

Using information from the NSDUH and SAMHSA, this blog post has looked at the states and counties with the highest rates of marijuana consumption in the United States. Legalization status, educational attainment, religious affiliation, demographic diversity, wealth disparity, and crime rate are a few examples of potential contributing factors.

These are not all-inclusive, though, and further study is necessary to fully comprehend the complex dynamics of marijuana use in the United States. This knowledge will help create and implement efficient preventative and intervention plans that are customized for various communities and areas.

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