Modifications to the Medical Cannabis Program in Georgia January 22, 2024


The first state in the US to allow the sale of medical cannabis at pharmacies is Georgia

While 130 neighborhood pharmacies have already committed to offer THC products only, national chains like CVS and Walmart will not be carrying the medication in Georgia. More than 400 independent pharmacies operate in the state, and many are eager to obtain the unique THC sales license. That might place a dispensing facility within a 30-minute drive of more than 90% of Georgians.

In Georgia, may any medical professional recommend medicinal cannabis?

No, in the state of Georgia, people cannot receive a prescription for medicinal cannabis from any doctor. The state’s medicinal cannabis program only permits doctors who are enrolled with the Georgia Department of Health and possess an active, unrestricted medical license to suggest patients for medicinal cannabis in Georgia.

The most often accepted diagnosis is persistent discomfort

Over 600,000 Americans use cannabis to treat chronic pain, and there is strong scientific evidence supporting its efficacy. According to the 2017 NASEM report, cannabis reduced pain by 40% in gold-standard randomized clinical trials of patients with excruciating medical conditions such as peripheral neuropathy (nerve pain from diabetes), spinal cord injury, HIV or complex regional pain syndrome, cancer, chemotherapy, muscle and joint problems, rheumatoid arthritis, and multiple sclerosis.

Cannabis even relieved arthritic lab rats in a recent study conducted in Canada. Surprisingly, there isn’t much proof (yet) from human research for osteoarthritis, the wear-and-tear joint condition that affects 50% of persons 65 years of age and older and is the most frequent kind of arthritis. There are active clinical trials. Who is waiting, though? In a 2019 Colorado poll, back pain was cited as the main reason for cannabis use among older persons, followed by arthritis. In total, 79% reported that it was helpful.

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