Mississippi ARREST TWO in Connection With Louisiana MOTHER’S MURDER and CHILD KIDNAPPING

Image by: WFMJ.com

Officials in Mississippi arrested a 36-year-old man and his accused accomplice after discovering the bodies of a 35-year-old mother from Louisiana and one of her small daughters.

Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade stated Thursday, June 13, that officers and U.S. Marshals had detained Daniel Callihan following an Amber Alert issued by Louisiana State Police involving the probable kidnapping of two young children, Erin Brunett, three, and Jalie Brunett, six. Erin Brunett’s age was recorded by Louisiana State Police as three years old, although Wade identified her as four.

The girls were last seen on Thursday, June 13, at a residence in Loranger. According to State Police, they were stolen before 8 a.m.

The notice stated that Callihan, a suspect, was wanted for interrogation in connection with a domestic violence incident that resulted in homicide. The Tangipahoa Parish Sheriff’s Office charges Callihan with “brutal and heinous acts of violence,” including the murder of 35-year-old Callie Brunett.

U.S. Marshals located Callihan’s vehicle Thursday afternoon and informed the Jackson Police Department. Following a brief pursuit, officials apprehended Callihan.

According to Wade, authorities discovered Erin Brunett dead in the woods, and investigators are working to identify her cause of death. Authorities also found her sister, who was alive, and took her to the hospital for treatment.

According to WDSU-TV, Wade also announced the arrest of Callihan’s probable accomplice and girlfriend, Victoria Cox, age 32. Investigators are currently probing into her involvement in the tragedy.

Wade stated in a WDSU video that the couple could face capital murder charges. Callihan could face federal prosecution for allegedly smuggling children across state boundaries.

Investigators also reportedly discovered little animal-like cages at the area, and they think human trafficking occurred there. In a statement obtained by truecrimenews.com, Wade stated that it is “very disturbing to me as a police chief and a father to witness and see what I just saw.”

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