Midtown Phoenix Restaurant Fuego Bistro Announces Sudden Closure


When a restaurant announces its impending closure, it usually does so with enough prior notice so visitors may pack their belongings and make one last trip to their favorite haunt.

Many people want to visit familiar faces one final time before closing up business. However, the reported closing of one restaurant in greater Phoenix has been both abrupt and with little time to prepare, so lovers of the eatery will need to hurry out if they want to savor their favorite foods before it’s all gone forever.

Fuego Bistro has been servicing Midtown Phoenix since 2006. The restaurant at 401 West Clarendon Avenue in Phoenix has become a local favorite for those looking for a good dinner in a relaxed atmosphere.

However, after 18 years, the restaurant has chosen to close its doors, and customers will need to make their way down before its final day, which is slated for this Saturday, December 16.

On its Instagram feed, the eatery published a brief notice. It didn’t even upload a permanent photo to signal its demise. It published a “Story” picture that vanished within 24 hours.

Other than announcing that Saturday would be the final day, the message didn’t give much detail. The announcement was nothing spectacular; there was no thanking of customers or staff or anything of the kind.

“I hereby announce Saturday 16th will be our last night of Fuego Bistro…,” the message simply wrote. Fuego will be shutting down after many years of excellent service! “At long last!”

Perhaps the restaurant will go into more information about why it abruptly chose to close after almost two decades in existence. But, for the time being, if you want to savor one of your favorite dinners one final time, you don’t have much time.

Fuego Bistro’s Signature Platters featured Short Rib Enchiladas, Seafood Chile Relleno, Fuego Chicken Breast, Fuego Spaghetti, Mahi Mahi, Pork Medallions, Tortilla Crusted Tilapia, and the Steak of the Day.

If you want to pay one more visit or see what all the hype is about before the restaurant closes, Fuego Bistro is open today through Thursday from 11 AM until 9 PM, Friday from 11 AM until 10 PM, and Saturday from 9 AM until 10 PM.

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