Maryland’s job market started poorly with the filing of first major layoff of the year


The arrival of the New Year has triggered a wave of alarm for Maryland’s labor market. DHL, the renowned shipping corporation, has announced the closing of one of its operations in Elkridge. Unfortunately, this move will result in the layoff of 120 employees, marking the state’s first big job cut in 2024.

Mass Layoffs in Maryland

Companies like DHL are obligated to provide a 60-day notice before undertaking a mass layoff under the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification (WARN) Act if their workforce exceeds 100 full-time employees. This layoff, impacting 120 employees, was officially announced to the Maryland Department of Labor, indicating the March closure of DHL’s operation at 6670 Business Parkway.

However, the crisis in Maryland goes beyond this single incident. According to recent WARN filings, the state has seen layoffs from 77 different employers this year alone, affecting roughly 7,000 people.

It should be noted that these data only include layoffs that met the WARN notice requirements. According to numerous studies, the true amount of job losses could be much higher, as WARN-compliant layoffs account for only 2.2 percent of total layoffs.

Concerns About Employment Across the State

Maryland layoffs are not isolated events, but rather part of a larger trend. According to a recent poll performed by ResumeBuilder, which includes responses from 906 company leaders around the country, 38% expect continued layoffs in 2024. This number serves as a sobering reminder of the issues that the job market faces not only in Maryland but across the country.

The impact on the local economy and the lives of the affected workers cannot be understated as the state grapples with these employment difficulties. DHL’s huge layoffs are a significant setback in Maryland’s employment landscape, serving as a catalyst for increased awareness and possibly action to prevent more job losses. As Maryland, and the rest of the country, navigate these volatile economic times, the necessity for preventative measures and support networks for those affected becomes more apparent.

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