Man Kills His Ex-wife and Her New Husband in Front of His Daughter Out of Frustration


In recent days, an American was arrested and accused of murdering his former girlfriend, who had recently remarried.

Sony Josaphat went to the residence where he had resided with his ex on Saturday morning, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office in Florida. He fired fire on his ex-girlfriend and her new partner, killing both of them.

The crime occurred in front of Josaphat’s daughter, who contacted 911 to report the crime, as did her father, according to CBS, citing sheriff’s office sources.

According to information received by the channel, the suspect was on his way to pick up his daughter and take her to lunch. When he spotted the pair together, he would have been overcome by “excessive rage” and executed them with many gunshots.

According to reports, the man then called his priest to confess to his crime before going to the nearest police station to surrender himself.

According to authorities, he is facing two murder counts. He is scheduled to appear in court again on January 8.

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