LAPD Busts Organized Retail Theft Ring, Seizes $300,000 Worth of Stolen Merchandise


During a search on an organized retail theft ring in the Westlake District on Wednesday night, officers confiscated dozens of diaper boxes filled with stolen products.

Two search warrants were served by the Los Angeles Police Department at a company near 6th and Alvarado Streets. Officers took dozens of boxes from the store and piled them alongside a tractor-trailer on the sidewalk. Many of the goods confiscated appear to be diapers.

“We were stunned,” stated LAPD Cpt. Jay Roberts. “The amount of stuff we took out of the store didn’t appear to fit in the store.” Some of it was in crawl spaces, rafters, and hidden spots – it was full of stolen goods.”

In addition to diapers, investigators discovered dozens of boxes of energy drinks, cosmetics, and other big-box store items. They also assume that the criminals stole technological equipment from educational districts.

According to LAPD officers on social media, the stolen goods were worth around $300,000.

Police have arrested three people, whom they believe to be the owners of the store.

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