Kern County Adopts The Most Recent Covid-19 Guidelines From California: If You’re Asymptomatic, You Don’t Need To Be Isolated.


California’s Bakersfield (KGET) – Since the beginning of the COVID-19 epidemic, a lot has happened. Recommendations for isolation, mask requirements, and vaccinations are all still being refined.

Dr. Tomas Aragon, California’s top public health officer, issued a new health order that updated the parameters of infectious periods for isolation.

Public Health in Kern County is complying with the new directive. It is not necessary to separate those who test positive but show no symptoms.

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“The isolation guidelines are based solely on symptoms; therefore, if you are symptom-free, you are eligible for release.” stated Paul Rzucidlo, a Kern County Public Health epidemiologist.

After a full day without a fever and without taking any medicine to lower fever, you are no longer regarded as contagious.

“You’ll notice symptoms like a runny nose, cough, and upper respiratory infections, which are the real common ones that we’ve had throughout the pandemic,” Rzucidlo stated.

They also have a tendency to stick around. They only need to be improving over what they were; they don’t have to vanish entirely.

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Whether or not there are symptoms, two days prior to the onset of symptoms or 10 days following a positive test result still carry the risk of infection. The mask guideline is unchanged.

It is advised to use a mask if

You think you were exposed and will come into contact with a higher-risk individual, therefore you are more likely to get sick yourself if your test results are positive for ten days.
Like all other endemic respiratory infections, COVID is being treated in Kern County going forward. COVID-19 vaccinations are available; contact Clinic Services at 661-321-3000 of the Health Department.

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