It’s Officially Colder in Michigan During the Winter Than in Alaska


Yes, the beginning and end of winter can bring milder weather, but those gloomy months of January and February can be particularly difficult.

When you awaken, darkness falls. Snow, freezing rain, and sleet are thrown at us. In addition to logging a lot of time traveling to and from our locations, we also spend a lot of time shoveling or blowing snow. I won’t even begin to discuss the darkness.

In comparison to other parts of the US, how miserable are the winters in Michigan?

And that’s just the start of how horrible Michigan winters can be. How miserable are they, though? That is the query.

Winter is experienced in every state in the union, though to differing degrees. As an illustration, consider the extremely warm and sunny states of Florida and Hawaii, which experience milder, warmer winters.

Then there are states like Colorado that receive a ton of snowfall. But with so many enjoyable outdoor winter activities, it’s significantly less dreary.

Each state’s level of winter misery was assessed by Thrillist, who then ranked the states from least to most unhappy.

It turns out that Michigan experiences an even more horrible winter than Alaska, and for the most part of the year, it feels like winter in Alaska.

See exactly where Michigan stands in relation to the “most miserable winter” by reading the information below.

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