Iowa’s Most Stressed City Has Been Revealed


Iowa is known for its friendly people, lush agriculture, and low living costs. However, despite these benefits, one area of the Hawkeye State stands out as particularly strained, according to a new Wall Street 24/7 survey. Davenport, the main city in the Quad Cities metropolitan region, claims to be Iowa’s most stressed city.

Stress Measurement Criteria:

Wall Street 24/7 used five parameters to assess stress levels in US cities:

  • Unemployment Rate
  • Average weekly labor hours, percentage of income spent on rent, and percentage of uninsured individuals.
  • Violent crime rate per 100,000 population
  • Cities were ranked using these parameters, and the averages were calculated to provide a stress score, with higher scores indicating higher stress levels.

Davenport’s Stress Factors

Davenport has the highest stress score in Iowa (63.8) and the 36th highest in the United States. Key stressors in Davenport include:

Unemployment in Davenport was 5.8%, higher than the state and national norms.

Work Hours: Residents worked an average of 43 hours per week, which is above the state and national norms.

Rent Burden: Davenport inhabitants paid 45.1% of their income on rent, which is above the state and national norms.

Health Insurance: 5.8% of individuals lacked health insurance, which was above the state and national averages.

Crime Rate: Davenport has a higher rate of violent crime than the state and national average.

Relieving Stress in Davenport

Davenport has potential, but the obstacles require a joint approach. The city may alleviate stress through:

Job Creation: Prioritize local business assistance, particularly in manufacturing, education, and healthcare.

Affordable Housing: Offer subsidized housing, rent control, and housing vouchers.

Healthcare Access: Provide more healthcare coverage through Medicaid, community health clinics, and telemedicine services.

Crime Reduction: Implement community policing, crime prevention, and victim assistance programs.

wellbeing Initiatives: Encourage wellbeing through parks, trails, libraries, and cultural activities.

Davenport, despite its difficulties, has enormous promise. Through collaborative efforts, the city and its inhabitants can overcome obstacles and turn Davenport into a more peaceful and livable place.


In the end, Davenport, Iowa, is experiencing increased stress as a result of variables such as unemployment, prolonged work hours, high rents, inadequate health insurance, and a raised crime rate. While battling obstacles, the city shows potential for a better future. Davenport can address its challenges through targeted efforts such as job development, affordable housing, increased healthcare access, crime reduction, and well-being programs, resulting in a more peaceful and pleasant environment for its citizens.

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