Investigating the Cleanest Abandoned Prison in Ohio!


There are many interesting and mysterious places in Ohio, but none more so than the immaculately restored Roseville Prison in the tiny village of Roseville. This prison, which once housed the most dangerous criminals in the state, was a notorious and overcrowded establishment that has since decayed and been abandoned to the forces of nature and the passage of time. I share my exploration of this haunting location in this blog post, revealing some of its mysteries and tales.

Learning about Roseville Prison

My fascination with urban exploration brought me to Ohio’s oldest and most haunted prison, Roseville Prison, which has been closed for more than 50 years. That land was privately owned and had strong anti-trespassing laws, yet my curiosity and willpower got me to drive from Columbus to Roseville.

When I got to the town, I saw the prison off to the side, surrounded by a tall fence with a sign that said, “No Trespassing.” I found a gap in the fence, took a chance, and crawled through it, entering the jail premises unfazed.

Within the Barbed Wire Prison

Beginning my exploration in the cell block, I traversed the narrow, two-story facility with rows of small, gloomy cells having metal bars, wooden bunks, and metal toilets. These filthy, foul-smelling cells had personal items, notes, paintings, and carvings on the walls that bore witness to the lives of the prisoners within. The electric chair, kept in a separate structure, bore witness to the execution of 14 inmates, some of whom were innocent or mentally ill. The charred smell of the blood-stained wooden chair brought back memories of the agony and terror felt by those who perished in its arms.

Investigating further buildings, such as the warden’s office, kitchen, restroom, and chapel, exposed more deterioration, vandalism, and ghostly activity. Unusual sounds, cold patches, and spooky apparitions heightened the tension between curiosity and fear.

The Roseville Prison Teaches

I made the decision to leave the prison premises before I ran into the owner or the police after spending hours inside. I crawled back over the gate, feeling awed and amazed that I had ventured into one of Ohio’s most untamed and haunting locations. Roseville Prison taught important lessons.

  1. It represented the range of good and evil, beauty and ugliness, hope and despair, and acted as a mirror of society.
  2. It served as a reminder of the past and present and demonstrated the cyclical nature of history and culture, as well as its advancement and deterioration.
  3. The penitentiary presented a challenge for the future by emphasizing the possibilities and hazards, chances and dangers, obligations, and options associated with deeds and choices.

Roseville Prison was more than just a place of incarceration; it was a story, a narrative with chapters, characters, and themes. A timeless narrative that cried out to be heard and conveyed, with truths that applied to everyone.

In Summary

Roseville Prison is a testament to a voyage that will never be forgotten—an amazing and eerie location that shared its secrets and tales. It was both fascinating and terrifying at the same time, with a deep past and an aura of mystery. The prison carried tremendous meaning and significance, motivating and challenging those who dared to enter its hallowed halls. It was not simply the most undisturbed and eerie prison in Ohio; it was also a narrative that was still being told, one that I feel privileged and happy to tell.

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