Indiana TODDLER DIES After Alleged BITE by MOTHER’S TEEN BOYFRIEND, Investigation Ongoing

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A young Indiana child died on Sunday after her mother’s teenage boyfriend allegedly bit her on the arm, according to investigators.

On Friday, June 14, officers were summoned to Destiny Rhoades, 23,’s Spring Valley Road residence, where she stated that her daughter, Octavia Aquino, 4, was unresponsive and “beyond help,” according to a Facebook news release from the Evansville officers Department.

According to the announcement, the officer who responded to the initial report described the small girl as “cold to the touch.”

The Evansville Fire Department arrived on the scene and immediately began attempting to revive the youngster. She was taken to a local hospital “alive” but with “very little brain activity,” according to Evansville police. According to investigators, Rhoades was at work when her daughter was found lifeless. Her boyfriend, Christian T. Gonzalez, 16, of Fort Wayne, was inside the apartment with three other adult women when Octavia was discovered, according to a follow-up announcement issued Monday (June 17).

The four adult inhabitants were escorted to police headquarters and interrogated by detectives. Gonzalez was not initially interviewed because of his age, according to the announcement.

Rhoades told police that when she left for work at 7 a.m. that day, Octavia was asleep.

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“A roommate stated that she noticed the child had bruises on her body (on Thursday,) specifically around her neck area,” according to the press release. “She also had a human bite mark on her forearm.” Detectives were informed that the 16-year-old boyfriend admitted biting the child, but only after she bit him first.” Following that, one of the roommates informed police that Octavia “seemed to be staring off and was nauseous’ while in Rhoades’ care last night,” according to the release.

Rhoades was detained and charged with abandonment of a dependent, which resulted in significant bodily injury, according to authorities. When the youngster died on Sunday, authorities changed the accusation to neglect of a dependent resulting in death.

Gonzalez made his first appearance in juvenile court on Monday and has since been waived to adult court.

Before charging Gonzalez with murder, authorities charged him as an adult with violence resulting in serious injury. An autopsy is anticipated to take place later this week.

As officials continue to investigate, Octavia’s family deals with her loss.

“I feel lost,” Octavia’s grandmother Linda Alvarez told local station WFIE. “I feel broken. She’s one of the happiest, most energetic, sassy little girls I’ve ever encountered.

“I don’t understand how anyone can hurt an innocent baby,” Alvarez told people. “She’s four.”

It is unknown whether Rhoades and Gonzalez have hired lawyers who can speak on their behalf.

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