In Immokalee, Victims of Domestic Violence and Crime Can Now Access Free Resources


An Immokalee resident who has been the victim of a sexual assault or other crime must travel at least 55 miles to access assistance and support. The cops would drive the victims who do not own a car.

However, on Wednesday, Project Help established its mobile unit, making its resources for victims who reside in Immokalee more easily available. The nonprofit organization, which has its headquarters in Naples, offers free services and assistance in the form of court advocacy, trauma-focused therapy, forensic examinations for sexual assault, crisis counseling, and more.

“They deserve justice when a crime has occurred and to have the support of their community…it’s giving them the ability to find their voice to be heard and believed,” stated Eileen Wesley, CEO of Project Help.

Off N. 11th Street is a converted RV that serves as the mobile forensic and mental health unit. There are two clinic rooms and a mental health area in the unit. Before its opening, victims had to travel nearly an hour to go to Naples, where Project Help was housed in nearby churches.

“We can now obtain our sign. They can locate us. Wesley stated, “They feel at ease coming and knocking on the door and having a place to talk to someone.”
William McDaniel, a Collier County Commissioner who represents Immokalee, fought to secure a $49,000 grant for Project Help to purchase the RV.

McDaniel stated, “Over time, we’re going to improve the quality of life and the potential for those people to thrive if we can offer services to underserved populations.”

Welsey continued, “We’d want to assist you. We think that if someone reports that something horrible has happened, we will do everything within our power to assist them in recovering from that trauma.

Only Wednesday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., is the mobile unit open; however, this could alter in the future.

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