Hurricane Idalia Affected St. Pete Homeowners Can Now Apply For New City Funding


January 11, 2024, St. Petersburg, Florida – The State of Florida has awarded the City of St. Petersburg $600,000 to help households affected by Hurricane Idalia. Through the City’s current Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program, which has temporarily extended eligibility to include needs linked to hurricanes, the cash will be distributed to qualified applicants.

“I am grateful for the tireless work of our entire Pinellas Delegation on behalf of the St. Petersburg communities impacted by Hurricane Idalia,” said Mayor Kenneth Welch. “The passing of HB 1C offers our coastal communities’ residents, who are still recuperating from this powerful storm, a great deal of relief as well as additional funding.” I’m excited to collaborate with our legislators in Tallahassee as the 2024 State Legislative Session gets underway to make sure that resilience and recuperation continue to be top goals in the upcoming weeks.”

Up to $100,000 in forgiven loans secured by a recorded mortgage and promissory note will be granted through the City’s Housing Rehabilitation Assistance Program. This loan has five, ten, and fifteen-year loan durations, with an interest rate of zero percent (0%).


Applicants must have been impacted by Hurricane Idalia to be eligible for financing. Additionally, applicant income is limited to 30%, 50%, 80, and 120% Area Median Income (AMI), as determined by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Steps to Apply

More information and the application can be obtained at Call 727-893-7247 to reach the Housing and Community Development Department of the City of St. Petersburg with any questions.

Rehabilitation, new construction, or any other qualified activities as provided under Florida Statutes or as authorized by the city. Only repairs not covered by insurance or other disaster programs will receive assistance;

purchase of emergency goods to weatherproof damaged homes for qualified households;

The individual housing unit must have trees and debris removed in order to be habitable. Interim repairs are necessary to prevent additional damage.

reimbursement of insurance deductibles for home restoration projects covered by homeowners’ policy;

assistance with utilities and rent for qualified candidates; and

Assistance with utilities and mortgages for qualified candidates.

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