Here is the Most Haunted Road in Idaho May Give You Nightmares


Idaho is known for its beautiful scenery, it also has a dark and strange past. A lot of places in Idaho are said to be haunted, from old jails and graves to hotels and mansions. But there is one road in Idaho that stands out as the most evil. If you try to drive on it, you might have bad dreams.

From Boise to Stanley, this road is known as Highway 21. It goes through the Sawtooth Mountains and the Boise National Forest. Along the way, there are several ghost towns, abandoned mines, and other scary places that have been the scene of murders, deaths, and ghostly activity.

The History of Highway 21

When it was first built in the early 1900s, Highway 21 was part of the Ponderosa Pine beautiful Route, a beautiful road that linked Boise to the mining towns of Idaho City, Lowman, and Stanley. The road was also used by miners, farmers, and tourists, who liked the beautiful views and fun things to do along the way.

But Highway 21 also has a bad side. Over the years, it has been the site of many crashes, crimes, and deaths. Here are some of the most well-known events:

  • In 1920, two thieves at the Lowman Guard Station shot and killed forest guard William Brazelton because they wanted his pay.
  • The Phantom Bridge was built near the abandoned town of Banner but was never used again after 1966. It was left to fall apart. People say that the bridge is cursed by the ghosts of people who died in car accidents, suicides, and killings on or near the bridge. Over 3,000 people are buried at the Idaho City Pioneer Cemetery. Many of them died in the gold rush, fires, diseases, or violent acts. People say the cemetery is cursed by restless souls that appear as orbs, mists, voices, and apparitions.

Stories and Mysterious Things That Happen

A lot of people who have driven on Highway 21 have said they have seen or heard strange things, like

  • Seeing ghostly people, cars, and animals on the bridge or on the road, especially at night.
  • Noticing cold spots, electricity problems, and rapid temperature drops.
  • Hearing footsteps, gunshots, moans, and screams.
  • Sensing hands from ghosts or being pushed or pulled by forces they can’t see.
  • Seeing lights, stars, and fog in their pictures and videos.

Here are some of the scariest areas on Highway 21:

The Lowman Ranger Station is said to be haunted by the ghost of William Brazelton. People have heard gunshots, footsteps, and moans there.

People who drive on the Phantom Bridge have said they have seen ghostly people, cars, and animals on the bridge, as well as cold spots, electricity problems, and sudden temperature drops. People often see a woman in a white dress, a guy in a black suit, and a little girl with a doll at the Idaho City Pioneer Cemetery.

Highway 21 is not a road for the faint of heart because it has a lot more to offer than just beautiful views and ancient sites. Along this road, you can still feel the ghosts of people who never left. If you decide to drive on Highway 21, get ready for some scary experiences. Also, don’t be surprised if you have dreams afterward.

Final Words

Finally, Idaho’s Highway 21, which goes through the beautiful Sawtooth Mountains, has a scary past and a reputation for being haunted. The road is visited by ghosts, strange sounds, and creepy events because it has been linked to crimes, accidents, and mysterious deaths. From the Idaho City Pioneer Cemetery to the Phantom Bridge, Highway 21 lets brave visitors experience the haunted spirits and scary stories of its dark past.

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