Here is the Most Haunted Road in Colorado May Give You Nightmares


If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, check out Riverdale Road, an 11-mile stretch in Adams County, Colorado. This gloomy artery is known as the most haunted road in the country, with stories of spirit encounters, terrible accidents, and strange occurrences. Prepare for a voyage into the unknown as we explore the stories and realities behind this spine-tingling street.

Unveiling Riverdale Road’s History

Riverdale Road, which began as a simple dirt route connecting the villages of Thornton and Brighton in the 1800s, was a lifeline for farmers, ranchers, and settlers alike. Significant sites along the road include the palatial Riverdale Mansion, the intriguing Balcom House, and the notorious Third Bridge.

Riverdale Mansion, built in 1864, was a testimony to riches and splendor in the reign of railroad entrepreneur David Wolpert. However, disaster came in 1887 when a horrific fire took the lives of Wolpert’s family, leaving only ruins of the once-majestic tower and fuelling suspicions of foul play and ghostly activity.

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The Balcom House, built in 1870 by eminent figure John Balcom, radiated beauty with its architectural magnificence and rich grounds. Yet underneath its façade lay tales of heinous incidents, from alleged murders to occult rituals, eventually meeting its fate in 1975 but leaving murmurs of lingering souls.

The Third Bridge, commonly known as the Ghost Bridge, crosses Kiowa Creek and serves as a somber reminder of the area’s terrible history. Built-in 1935, this timber tower has seen countless terrible incidents, linked to both human foolishness and spirit interference, and is surrounded by rumors of a catastrophic Native American slaughter, adding to its eerie attraction.

Encounters on the Haunted Riverdale Road

With a history steeped in tragedy and brutality, Riverdale Road entices both daredevils and doubters with its plethora of terrifying displays, particularly at night. Here are some of the terrifying incidents recounted by intrepid travelers:

The Phantom Camaro: A phantom black Camaro stalks Riverdale Road, daring unwary drivers to deadly drag races, purportedly propelled by the vengeful soul of a young man killed in a 1970s collision.
The Jogger: A spectral form of a jogger who was tragically struck by a car on the road appears to motorists, rapping on windows or uttering ghostly whispers to warn them of imminent danger.

The Lady in White: A slain woman’s soul roams Riverdale Road in a spectral white garment, tormenting drivers with sorrowful cries and eerie apparitions.

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The Hellhounds: Demonic canines manifested by a dark cult harass the road, attacking with luminous eyes and otherworldly growls, leaving terrifying evidence of their existence.

The Children: Ghostly apparitions of orphaned children, the victims of a horrific bus accident, play near the tunnel, leaving echoes of laughter and ghostly imprints on passing automobiles.


In summary, the Riverdale route in Adams County, Colorado, is the most haunted route in the country, combining history with terror. With origins reaching back to the 1800s, the route includes the sad Riverdale Mansion, the creepy Balcom House, and the famed Third Bridge. Encounters with ghosts such as the Phantom Camaro, the Jogger, the Lady in White, Hellhounds, and ghostly Children add to the 11-mile stretch’s spine-chilling reputation, which entices both thrill-seekers and doubters.

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