Here is the Most Expensive Restaurant in Ohio


Ohio has a lot of different kinds of food, from familiar classics to tastes from around the world. There is one fancy restaurant in the state that claims to be the most expensive: Red, the Steakhouse.

This high-end restaurant has sites in both Cleveland and Orange Village. It is famous for its prime steaks, seafood, and large wine selection, all served in a classy and elegant setting.

Let’s look into what makes Red, the Steakhouse different in terms of price and see if the experience is worth the money.

Menu Highlights at Red, the Steakhouse:

  • Premium Aged Steaks: Pride in finest cuts aged for 40 days; options include a 12 oz. New York Strip for $49 to a luxurious 32 oz. Tomahawk Ribeye for $149.
  • Customizable Steak Toppings: Enhance steaks with decadent choices like truffle butter, foie gras, or lobster tail, adding to the dining experience.
  • Seafood, Salads, and More: Beyond steaks, diverse offerings include seafood selections, refreshing salads, soups, pasta dishes, and seasonal specialties like Wagyu beef, caviar, or truffles.
  • Extensive Wine Collection:
    • Curated Wine Selection: A collection of over 500 wines sourced globally, priced from $40 to $3,000 per bottle, carefully chosen by a certified sommelier.
    • Wine Pairings: Options for pairing wines with dishes, available by the glass or flight, enhancing the dining experience with exquisite combinations.
  • Beverage Offerings:
    • Cocktails, Beers, and Spirits: Additional beverage choices alongside the expansive wine list, catering to varied preferences.
    • Non-Alcoholic Selections: For those preferring non-alcoholic beverages, ensuring a comprehensive range of options for all guests.


Red, the Steakhouse is designed to be a classy and luxurious place to eat. It has a modern and sleek decor with red accents, leather seats, and crystal lights.

Here is the Most Expensive Restaurant in Ohio

The restaurant has a large and stylish main dining room, private dining rooms for different-sized groups, a busy bar and lounge area with flat-screen TVs, and outdoor dining on the patio when the weather permits.

The team at Red, the Steakhouse is taught to provide the best customer service, which is shown by their attention and professionalism. There is valet parking, coat check, free Wi-Fi, catering, and takeaway service at the restaurant.


Red, the Steakhouse has won many praise and awards. Esquire, Forbes, and Zagat have named it one of the best steakhouses in America, and The Daily Meal has named it one of the most expensive in Ohio.

Tripadvisor reviews that are positive talk about the great food, great service, friendly atmosphere, and overall good experiences.

Some problems with the restaurant are that the portions are too small, the food is good but not great, it’s noisy, the service isn’t always reliable, and there is a strict dress code.


Ohio’s famously best high-end restaurant, Red, the Steakhouse, stands out in a world of different restaurants. This fancy restaurant in Cleveland and Orange Village serves prime steaks, fish, and a huge selection of wines. It’s a fancy place to eat in a fancy setting.

Its high status is shown by its stylish decor, individual service, and awards from Esquire, Forbes, and Zagat. Different reviews say great things about the experiences, but some point out small problems like inconsistent service and small portions.

Is its beauty worth the extra cost? At this fancy restaurant, personal tastes are what matters in the end.

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