Here Are the Top 7 Amazing All-you-can-eat Buffets in Vermont


Take a delightful tour around Vermont’s culinary landscape with our guide to the best all-you-can-eat buffets. Vermont, nestled among the magnificent Green Mountains, not only provides stunning views but also a diverse range of culinary pleasures. From small communities to booming metropolises, the state offers a broad array of buffets to suit a variety of preferences.

Indulge in local tastes, fresh fruit, and hearty cuisine that highlights Vermont’s farm-to-table philosophy. Whether you prefer hefty breakfast spreads, delicious lunch selections, or diversified supper feasts, this guide will reveal the best all-you-can-eat buffets, ensuring a wonderful and rewarding experience for any palette.

1. Made in Brazil Steakhouse, Barre

The Made in Brazil Steakhouse in Barre is a new Brazilian restaurant that has recently opened in downtown Barre. The proprietors are Brazilians who relocated to the United States five years ago. They first operated a tiny restaurant with table service and a restricted menu. However, the proprietors have made adjustments since launching their original site, and the restaurant is now considerably larger and more sophisticated than it was when it started. The Brazilian-style restaurant now provides both buffet and table service, and the menu has been modified to include some Brazilian classics.

2. Lyndon Buffet in Lyndonville

If you’re searching for a great restaurant in Lyndonville, Vermont, you should try the Lyndon Buffet. This restaurant offers numerous wonderful cuisine selections and is trademarked until 2022. You may use the Uber Eats app to make an order and browse the menu online. After selecting your goods, you may evaluate your purchase and see when it will be delivered.

Lyndon Buffet provides superb Chinese food and take-out options in Lyndonville, Vermont. The restaurant is open six days a week and closes on Monday. Guests may easily get to the restaurant from Burlington by using I-91 North. It is also available to guests who want to dine in Lyndonville, which is located across from St Albans City’s train station.

3. Lucky Buffet in St Albans City

Lucky Buffet is housed in a nondescript structure across from the train station in St Albans City. The buffet pricing varies based on the quantity of courses. Expect to see Chinese and Korean cuisine, as well as other traditional buffet fare. It also serves super-fresh sushi. The service is good, and the meals are fairly priced. There are no better buffets in town. This might be the finest option if you’re seeking for a cheap supper in St Albans.

4. Zabby & Elf’s Stone Soup, Burlington

Zabby & Elf’s is a vegetarian-friendly deli located on College Street in Burlington, Vermont. There are several vegetarian and vegan alternatives available, such as a salad bar and a vegan Reuben sandwich. You may also discover savory and sweet baked foods, including gluten-free options.

The healthful, locally farmed cuisine offered here is prepared in a friendly, comfortable setting. The menu changes daily, but the salad bar is continually updated to include fresh vegetables. The restaurant debuted in 1997 and has a colorful, worn décor. The meal is influenced by Jewish tradition.

5. The Eastside Restaurant & Pub in Newport

The East Side Restaurant & Pub is a popular choice for people seeking an all-you-can-eat buffet. This restaurant is located in Newport, Vermont. The seaside setting is ideal for weddings and gatherings. You can eat fresh lobster, grilled chicken, shrimp, spaghetti, and steaks while enjoying a half-priced salad bar. The eatery also offers $5 Vermont beers.

6. Essex Junction Grand Buffet at Essex Junction

The Essex Junction Grand Buffet is an excellent buffet-style restaurant in Essex Junction, Vermont. It features an easygoing strip mall setting and offers Chinese, sushi, and sweets for lunch and evening. The restaurant also serves a wide variety of Chinese food; children may dine from the kid’s menu. There is abundant parking on-site, and the food is reasonably priced. You may also order takeaway.

7. Sherpa Kitchen, Burlington

The Sherpa Kitchen in Burlington is one of Vermont’s most genuine All-You-Can-Eat Buffet restaurants, and Nepalese cuisine never disappoints. This quaint Nepalese restaurant provides traditional Nepalese and Himalayan Sherpa cuisine. The chef of Sherpa Kitchen is originally from Nepal and introduces his local food to the Burlington region.

His all-you-can-eat lunch buffet serves both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food. The Sherpa Stew, Kathmandu Sekula, and Himalayan Chow-Chow are among of the menu’s highlights. For beverages, try Himalayan spiced wine.

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