Here Are the Top 5 Hot Dog Stops in Florida: A Foodie’s Guide


There are several choices in Florida if you’re searching for the greatest hot dog. Dogma Grill in Miami and Sweet Dogs in Tallahassee are two of the best places. These are great selections, and each puts a different spin on traditional American cuisine. Below is a list of our staff’s selections for The Best of Florida Hot Dogs.

1. Miami’s Dogma Grill

Dogma Grill is an amazing spot to have a delicious burger. Jeffrey Akin is the owner and operator of this neighborhood eatery in Miami. He offers fantastic cuisine and service at reasonable costs.

This place has a laid-back vibe that makes it perfect for a family vacation. Known for its unique topping options for its beef, turkey, and veggie franks, this takeaway window and terrace.

Address: 7030 Biscayne Blvd, Miami, FL 33138

2. Dunedin’s Hot Dogs on Main

Hot Dogs on Main is a great place to get a fast snack in Dunedin, Florida if you enjoy hot dogs. This food outlet lets you enjoy your favorite hot dog at outside tables. The pricing is reasonable and the food is fresh. Large groups can find plenty of seats here as well.

The Southern Dog, the original Greek Hound Dog, and their delectable fresh coleslaw are available for guests to enjoy. Tuesday through Saturday is when the restaurant is open. If you’re searching for a hot dog restaurant in Dunedin, Florida that offers great service and a cozy ambiance, Hot Dogs on Main is the ideal destination.  

Address: 505 Main St., Dunedin, FL 34698.

3. Uncle Franks Hot Dogs in Port Charlotte

Uncle Franks Hot Dogs is a unique place to eat in a friendly setting. They make Vienna beef hot dogs in many different styles, such as the classic Chicago dog and New York-style hot dogs.

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They also serve Italian ice, Chicago-style tacos, and other toppings. Check out their lunch specials too.

Address: 19190 Cochran Blvd Edgewater Church parking lot, Port Charlotte, FL 33952

4. Sweet Dogs in Miami

Sweet Dogs provides classic and unique hot dogs with a sweet touch in Miami, Florida. They feature a counter-service system that makes ordering simple, and they give consumers sweet sauces to top their dogs.

The eatery is a modest establishment that specializes in hot dog and popcorn combos. Customized hot dogs and soft-serve desserts are also available. The food is quick and tasty. The service is also quick. Sweet Dogs delivers tasty sausages in a friendly setting for families.

During the warmer months, they provide booster chairs for children and outside patio seating. They also include a Wi-Fi connection, making them ideal for socializing with family and friends.

Address: Miami, FL 33134 is located at 4749 SW 8th St.

5. Portillo’s Hot Dogs in Brando

Portillo’s Hot Dogs in downtown Brando has a nostalgic vibe reminiscent of a Chicago staple. The Chicago-based restaurant serves Italian beef sandwiches, hot dogs, and beer in a nostalgic environment. It’s also noted for its large servings created from natural ingredients.

Portillo’s provides a broad assortment of hot dogs at reasonable pricing, whether you’re searching for a quick nibble or a nice dinner with your family. The menu for the restaurant is accessible online, and you may peruse it before placing your order.

Address: Brandon, FL 33511 1748 W Brandon Blvd

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