Here Are the Seven Most Affordable Areas of Boston, if You Are on a Tight Budget


Boston may be rich in history, art, culture, shopping, and gastronomy, but it is far from cheap. That’s why we researched housing and living expenditures to find the most cost-effective areas around Boston. If you’re a first-time homeowner on a limited budget, consider these seven fairly priced areas.

1. Beverly

Coastal Beverly has a range of low-cost housing alternatives near Boston, including townhomes in lovely Cape Cod and craftsman-style houses. The lovely town’s central business center is a hub of activity, with festivals and other community events held regularly. People who prefer spending time outside will appreciate Beverly’s clean and well-maintained beaches and parks. Furthermore, the Beverly Farmers Market is an excellent area for residents to buy fresh produce, meet other locals, and join book clubs.

2. Salem

The busy little city of Salem ranks fourth on our list. Homebuyers looking for affordable townhouses in gorgeous late 1800s architecture can find them in this historic Oceanside town. When the tourism sector is thriving, local amenities are plentiful, and the economy is strong. Come to Salem to listen to live music during the Jazz and Soul Festival, view great painters’ works at the Peabody Essex Museum, or simply stroll around historic downtown and browse the shops, galleries, and restaurants.

3. Dedham

Our list of affordable Boston suburbs includes the lovely and scenic town of Dedham. Homebuyers might locate moderately priced historic homes and townhomes in this region. The Dedham Mall provides simple access to shopping. Those who prefer being outside will find much to do at Wigwam Pond Area, where they may swim, fish or hike through the neighboring Stony Brook Reservation urban forest.

4. Woburn

Woburn, a bustling historic town, ranks fifth on our list. This Boston suburb has a range of low-cost housing alternatives, including townhouses built around the turn of the century. Horn Pond Recreation Area, one of Woburn’s numerous well-kept parks, is a popular destination for outdoor activities including as canoeing, fishing, biking, and hiking. All ages are invited to attend the Woburn Public Library’s events and book groups.

5. Danvers

We begin with Danvers since it is near to Boston and offers a variety of affordable housing alternatives. Townhouses in Danvers are inexpensive for purchasers, whilst the average renter spends just 26.5% of their salary on housing. Visit the lovely Peabody Institute Library to borrow a new book, walk along the gorgeous Crane River, or buy for fresh local products at the weekly Danvers Rotary Farmers’ Market. Municipal parks are also excellent locations to rest and unwind.

6. Melrose

Melrose, a quiet Boston neighborhood with many cheap rental properties, comes in sixth place on our list. Townhouses in older buildings and condominiums in newer, bigger structures are both cost-effective housing solutions for folks on a limited budget.

Sally Frank’s Farmers’ Market sells fresh, local vegetables, the Melrose Public Library lends print and digital books, and the annual Melrose Arts Festival has performances by local artists and vendor booths. The neighboring Middlesex Fells Reservation is a 2,575-acre park featuring a pond, biking pathways, and hiking trails, making it excellent for nature enthusiasts.

7. Saugus

There are as many moderately priced real estate options as there are gorgeous parks in the scenic Saugus neighborhood. This Boston suburb has affordably priced cottages and townhouses. Borrow a book at the Saugus Public Library, or spend the day swimming, fishing, or hiking in the stunning Breakheart Reservation and Lynn Woods environmental preserves. Square One Mall provides convenient access to well-known shops.

8. Wakefield

Wakefield is a bustling and picturesque Boston suburb where homeowners seeking affordable housing may find low-cost rental flats and townhouses. In the summer, Plaza Jazz performs free live jazz on Main Street; the Lucius Beebe Memorial Library holds book groups; and Crystal Lake Park and Lake Quannapowitt are excellent boating and swimming destinations.


In summary, while Boston is known for its rich history, art, and culture, the expense of living might be a major worry. However, for first-time homeowners on a tight budget, there are seven reasonably priced neighborhoods surrounding Boston that provide inexpensive housing possibilities.

From the coastal charm of Beverly to the historic architecture of Salem and the scenic beauty of Dedham, Woburn, Danvers, Melrose, Saugus, and Wakefield, these suburbs offer a good balance of affordability and amenities, making them appealing options for those looking for a low-cost way to live near Boston.

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