Here Are the Five Brunch Places You Don’t Want to Miss in Houston


People from Texas know how to have fun. There’s something about lunch that makes us love both good food and getting together with other people. Check out our Houston brunch game: There are ceviches, huevos, tostadas, and live music every Sunday, and you won’t be able to eat it all.

1. Gratify

This classy neighborhood café serves the Big Vibe Group for breakfast every Wednesday through Sunday. You have to start with caviar and chips, and the beautiful jewel-toned decor makes you want to do just that. After that, have some Crème Brûlée French toast, Smoked Salmon Gravlax, or Taglierini & Truffle as a treat.

2. Lucille’s

People who want to try great Southern food should go to Lucille’s. People coming here for breakfast can get a classic Margarita, a tropical drink with strange tastes like orange and lavender, or a fiery Firecracker that puts heat first and citrus second.

After, you can eat tasty foods like grits stuffed with shrimp or catfish, berry-drizzled French toast, and a light veggie Eggs Benedict. Really friendly people in the South.For those who need a pick-me-up in the morning, this is the place to go.

They also serve Bloody Marys to fix hangovers and greasy breakfast burgers with fried chicken and waffles. That’s like putting bread in spaghetti. Besides that, patios! Oysters from Gulliver! Champagne drink! Here are some of the best lunch spots in Houston that will make your weekend more enjoyable.

3. a’Bouzy

For $7 to $2,000, you can enjoy a champagne brunch with delicious pastries and jam in the morning, a masterful croque monsieur, eggs and pommes frites dipped twice in duck fat and finished with a daily aioli, and heartier lunch options like Stuffed Wild Alaskan Salmon served over shrimp risotto. Sunday and Saturday breakfast is a great time to eat there, and it’s also a great place to watch people.

4. Bludorn

If you’re in the Rice Village area instead of Montrose, you can visit Navy Blue instead of Bludorn, which specializes in fish. The name-brand restaurant by Chef Aaron Bludorn is likely Houston’s best new restaurant in the last few years, and the consistently great Sunday brunch makes that claim even stronger.

First, try the famous Oysters Everyway, which come raw, fried, and roasted, along with an irresistible rotating selection of Foie Gras. Next, enjoy a Steak & Eggs dish with short rib hash and chimichurri, a Smoked Salmon Benedict with everything crust, and, of course, a huge Sticky Bun to top it all off, because, well, duh. You could also just keep it to yourself, since you already know what will happen.

5. Ostia

Chef Travis McShane’s delicious Roasted Chicken and salsa verde are two of the three courses that make up the family breakfast. The pizzas and pastas are made with fresh ingredients. It’s a great deal at $42 per person for groups of three or more, especially when you see how nice the greenhouse room and patio are for enjoying it all. From omelets to gnocchi made from scratch, the menu changes all the time.


Texans know how to make lunch better, and Houston’s scene has a great mix of tastes and vibes. From the stylish dishes at Gratify to the Southern charm at Lucille, from the champagne luxury at a’Bouzy to the seafood perfection at Bludorn to the variety of dishes at Ostia, the city’s restaurants offer a mix of taste, style, and a touch of Texas kindness.

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