Here Are the 7 Best Burgers to Try in Texas


Whether it’s a fast lunch or a romantic night, numerous must-try burgers in Texas will fulfill any craving. The East Coast Traveler has produced a list of our top restaurants in the state to help you pick where to go when you’re in town.

In Texas, Where Are the Burgers?

Kemah Tookie’s Burgers

Tookie’s, situated along the waterfront in Kemah, Texas, is an informal dining establishment renowned for its signature burgers and general cuisine. It is also the location of a popular Travel Channel television program. Tookie’s has garnered local acclaim in Kemah due to its establishment in 1975.

Dugg Burger in Dallas

Located in the trendy Preston Hollow Village of Dallas, Dugg Burger serves an extensive menu of delectable burgers and other items. Dugg Burger offers doorstep delivery of burgers and other culinary items, in addition to its physical menu options.

Santiago, Chris, is in San Antonio

Chris Madrid’s, located at 1900 Blanco Road in San Antonio, has been a pillar of the community for many years, renowned for its distinctive burgers and buns. In addition to chalupas and nachos, they offer an assortment of margaritas.

Burger Joint Tejas in Tomball

Earlier this week, Tejas BBQ & Chocolate of Tomball announced that it would launch a new burger eatery. Six signature burgers comprised of a half-pound minced beef patty will be featured on the menu.

Wallbangers in Corpus Christi

Wallbanger’s, situated in Northwest Corpus Christi, is a neighborhood favorite for good reason. This establishment offers a wide variety of food options, including burgers, grilled poultry, ice cream, and the finest milkshakes.

Hamburgers from Kincaid’s in Fort Worth

For a delectable milkshake or a succulent, slender hamburger, Kincaid’s Hamburgers in Fort Worth, Texas, is an establishment worth visiting. In addition to a selection of delectable traditional hamburgers, the establishment serves cheeseburgers and onion strings.

Burger Bar Toro in El Paso

Located in El Paso, Texas, the Toro Burger Bar provides an eclectic menu of burgers and side dishes.

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