Helicopter Crash in Miami-dade Canal Kills Father, Injures Daughter


Authorities recognized the father who died and the daughter who was injured when the helicopter they were in crashed into a southwest Miami-Dade canal just west of Miami Executive Airport on Thursday.

Clement Zanzuri, 71, and Jordan Ann Zanzuri, 27, were both taken to Jackson Memorial South Trauma Center after the incident at 187th Avenue and SW 122nd Street shortly after 1 p.m. Wednesday, according to authorities.

According to authorities, the guy was confirmed deceased after arriving at the hospital, while his daughter was classified in stable condition.

Helicopter Crash in Miami-dade Canal Kills Father, Injures Daughter

The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the cause of the incident, according to Miami-Dade police, but a final judgment is not expected for many weeks.

Police were rushed to the scene after receiving a report of a chopper that seemed to be in difficulty before crashing into the murky water.

Arriving police were unable to locate a scene until they saw the lady emerge from the water, notifying workers that her father was still stuck in the canal water.

Divers from the police department were able to bring the victim ashore and begin efforts to resuscitate him.

Authorities haven’t said where the aircraft was coming from when it crashed.

Witnesses told CBS News Miami that the copter was clearly in difficulty before it crashed.

“We just saw a chopper very low, directly behind where it happened,” Vivian Alvarez, a witness, said.

As the investigation into the reason for the disaster continues, crews salvaged the debris from the canal and transported it from the area on Thursday.

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