Gunman broke fire into the Colorado Supreme Court and caused ‘extensive damage’


An unidentified individual was apprehended after breaking into the Colorado Supreme Court building and firing bullets early Tuesday morning, according to a state police statement.

The facility sustained “significant and extensive damage” as a result of the January 2 break-in, according to police, but no one was injured, including the suspect, building inhabitants, or responders. According to authorities, there is a “high probability” that the break-in “is not associated with previous threats to Colorado Supreme Court Justices.”

The Colorado Supreme Court ruled 4-3 last month that former President Donald Trump would be unable to appear on the ballot in 2024 under the 14th Amendment. Within hours of the announcement, Trump fans began making threats against justices, which are being investigated by the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Denver Police Department.

Gunman broke fire into the Colorado Supreme Court and caused ‘extensive damage’

According to authorities, the incident began at about 1.15 a.m. on Tuesday when the suspect was engaged in an automobile accident and pointed a firearm at the other individual involved. After that, the suspect went to the Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center, which houses the state supreme court.

The authorities further stated that the guy initially shot at a glass before holding a security guard at gunpoint and demanding access.

He snatched the unarmed guard’s keys and “accessed an unknown number of floors,” according to officials.

The suspect contacted 911 and surrendered to authorities about 3 a.m. local time. The suspect was taken to a local hospital “to be cleared by medical personnel,” according to the statement.

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