Great White Sharks Spotted Along Florida Coast, OCEARCH Says


People all over the country love Florida, and it turns out that sharks do as well. Two additional great white sharks have been seen along the coast, according to OCEARCH.

A 10-foot, 460-pound great white shark was spotted along Daytona Beach in early November.

A 13-foot, 1,400-pounder appeared this morning just north of Jacksonville Beach.

Then, less than an hour later, another one pounced off Biscayne Bay’s coast.

Dr. Bob Hueter, OCEARCH Senior Advisor for Science & Academics, says our coast is a great place for sharks this time of year.

Great White Sharks Spotted Along Florida Coast, OCEARCH Says

“It’s similar to winter snowbirds in that sharks begin to migrate south in the fall as temperatures drop up north.” There are maybe a dozen species on the move right now. The most visible is the white shark, also known as the great white shark, which we focus on at OCEARCH,” he explained.

According to Hueter, the migration began in mid-October and normally lasts until early December.

“By early December, they are typically off the southeast coast, off the Florida East Coast, and then a great number of them go all the way around the Keys and into the Gulf of Mexico, the eastern Gulf of Mexico primarily,” he added.

He claims the sharks dwell between one and 100 miles offshore.

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