Discover Top Four Haunted Places in Florida: A Ghostly Adventure


Florida is known for its sunny beaches, theme parks, and other tourist spots. But there is a darker, creepier side to the state that is marked by ghost sightings. Florida has a long and interesting past that includes Native Americans, Spanish colonists, and people who live there now. This rich tapestry has led to many deaths, secrets, and tales that still haunt the land and the people who live there.

Some of the most scary places in the United States were inspired by these stories, giving tourists a chance to face the mysterious and supernatural. The following places in Florida are thought to be evil and are sure to give you chills.

1. The Florida Theatre

Since it opened in 1927 as a movie palace and vaudeville theater, Jacksonville’s old Florida Theatre has been the home of many famous acts, such as Elvis Presley, B.B. King, and Ray Charles. Still, this grand venue is said to be home to several ghosts. One was an organist who worked in the 1920s before he sadly killed himself.

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and cold spots have been picked up by paranormal hunters near the organ controls as signs of his presence. The ghost of a man who died of a heart attack while at a show is another one. The ghost of him can often be seen in his favorite rooftop seat, enjoying the show.

2. St. Augustine Lighthouse

The Spanish built St. Augustine in 1565, making it the oldest city in America. It is also one of the most feared cities in the country. There are many buildings and places in this old city that are said to be haunted by ghosts. From its perch on a hill above the Atlantic Ocean, the St. Augustine Lighthouse is one of the city’s most famous and spooky sights. The lighthouse was built in 1874 and has seen many tragedies and deaths over its long history.

In a tragic event, three young girls drowned when their father, who worked as a lighthouse guard, took care of his tasks and rolled their cart into the water. Their bodies were never found, and some people think that their ghosts are still in the tower.

People who have been there and worked there have said they have heard laughing, footsteps, voices, and cries coming from the top floor, where the girls loved to play. Some people have even said they saw children, a woman in a blue dress, and a guy in a lighthouse keeper’s outfit.

3. Cassadaga Spiritualist Camp

The town of Cassadaga in Florida’s Lake Helen has been called “the psychic capital of the world.” The village was started in 1894 by George Colby, a spiritualist medium who was led by his Native American spirit guide. It is now a safe place for spiritualists, psychics, and healers. Cassadaga’s special energy seems to draw in a lot of ghosts, which makes paranormal behavior stronger.

Ghost tours, seances, spooky house tours, and creepy graveyard walks are all things that people can do. Some famous haunted places are the Colby Memorial Temple, where Colby’s spirit is said to appear; the Devil’s Chair, a stone bench in Lake Helen Cemetery that is said to grant wishes or curses to those who sit on it; and the Hotel Cassadaga, where guests have seen ghosts, heard ghostly voices, felt chills, and seen objects move around on their own.

4. Biltmore Hotel

It was built in 1926 and is known as the Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables. During its heyday, it was visited by leaders, artists, and even gangsters. It was also a military hospital during WWII and a VA hospital until 1968.

Even though it was completely redone and reopened in 1987, it looks like some of its past guests and patients have never really left. The hotel is said to be visited by many ghosts, including that of Thomas Walsh, a gangster who was killed by another thug on the 13th floor.

Guests have said they saw his ghost walking the halls, changing the lights, and writing strange messages on mirrors. Unstable elevators, phones that ring with no one answering, and doors that open and close on their own all add to the creepy atmosphere.


Florida looks sunny on the outside, but there is a dark side where ghost stories happen in old buildings. The Florida Theatre in Jacksonville is haunted by ghostly sounds that are connected to sad events. From its perch over the Atlantic, the St. Augustine Lighthouse hears the voices of children who have drowned.

Cassadaga’s spiritual aura attracts psychic forces, which leads to ghostly meetings. The Biltmore Hotel in Coral Gables is haunted by ghosts that give away its long and interesting history. Florida’s haunted sites offer scary experiences that weave a mysterious story into the state’s rich past.

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