Former BANK EMPLOYEE Accused of STEALING NEARLY $1 MILLION From Customer’s Account

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A former bank employee in Burlington County has been accused of stealing nearly $1 million from a customer’s account.

Authorities suspect that he used the money to pay side enterprises, real estate transactions, and personal needs. The funds were also apparently utilized to run a consultancy firm, Delval Consultants LLC.

Agha Hasan, 41, was charged with theft by deceit, computer criminal activity, misappropriation of entrusted property, and other related charges.

Investigators believe Hasan stole $998,188 from a customer over six years.

The inquiry began last year when Santander Bank fraud specialists informed police about unusual transactions allegedly conducted by Hasan.

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Authorities claim Hasan was just fired from his position at the Mount Holly branch office.

Police later discovered that Hasan, who had been with the bank since 2014, allegedly befriended the customer and gained his trust by offering to assist with bill payment.

According to authorities, as their connection grew, Hasan began visiting the client’s house, getting blank checks that the customer had signed, and requesting that the customer approve wire transfers 6abc.

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Hasan is also accused of accessing the customer’s account to make large cash withdrawals and disbursements at that time.

Police think Hasan used the customer’s funds for personal spending and business enterprises, such as managing and operating petrol stations, car washes, and convenience stores.

Hasan was arrested Tuesday at his home in Bordentown Township, New Jersey. He is currently being held in the Burlington County Jail for a detention hearing.

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