Forest Park Neighborhood Shooting Leaves TWO DEAD, ONE INJURED in Broad Daylight Incident

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A shooting in the Forest Park neighborhood on Friday morning left two individuals dead and a third injured. It occurred at the Oak Leaf Apartments on 44th Street and 5th Avenue South before 11:30 a.m. That is less than three streets away from Avondale Park.

Police claimed two masked males were attempting to rob a third individual when a gunfight occurred.

“This is the third homicide victim in less than seven days who has worn one of those ski masks,” Birmingham Police Officer Truman Fitzgerald said. “The Pooh Shiesty masks. We cannot emphasize enough how essential people, locations, and behaviors are in the ongoing violence in our city. These are two men wearing ski masks in 90-degree weather during the summer. You tell us what you think they were up to.

One of the masked guys died on the scene, while the other died in the hospital. The sufferer was rushed to the hospital, but he is expected to fully recover.

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Forest Park includes a large number of private residences and apartment complexes. According to police, gunshots in broad daylight are becoming more common in spring and summer.

“It just goes to show you the level of carelessness that the criminal element has,” Fitzgerald told the crowd. “Anyone who knows the Avondale area would tell you that Avondale Park is a short walk from where we are right now, and there was a shooting in broad daylight. This is what our police are up against. This is what our community members are up against. That’s why we need to remember that we’re all on the same team in this.”

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Police don’t believe the two robbers live in the area, which one neighbor finds frustrating. She claims she’s never witnessed something like this in the 40 years she’s lived just around the block.

“It’s awful that it’s so close,” said neighbor Shirley Maihoff, “but this is a great community. People stopped by because they wanted peace. They don’t want that trashy stuff going on with individuals who don’t live close to us” sa per wvtm13.

Maihoff stated that another nearby apartment complex has had some troubles in the past, but no one has died as a result of them.

“On the Fifth Avenue Apartments, I haven’t seen it,” she added, “but I know the police cars have been there sometimes, and the incident is about a block away. That’s because the apartments had issues, so they moved them down a block, I suppose.”

According to police, the people presumably knew each other and that this was a targeted attack.

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