Flu cases ‘high’ in Florida. Check out the counties with reported outbreaks


It’s flu season in Florida, which means that many people are becoming sick.

However, certain sections of the state are being struck harder than others.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention identified Florida as having “high” flu activity when compared to other states in its most recent weekly assessment.

According to the Florida Department of Health, the number of these flu infections has been growing in most counties across the state.

As per the FDOH’s most current Florida Flu Review, the following counties experienced outbreaks between December 17 and December 23.

  • Four additional outbreaks have been identified in Hillsborough County.
  • Two additional outbreaks have been reported in Pasco County.
  • Bradford County has had one new outbreak.
  • One fresh outbreak has been reported in Charlotte County.
  • One new outbreak has been reported in Volusia County.

Flu cases ‘high’ in Florida. Check out the counties with reported outbreaks

According to FDOH authorities, influenza is especially dangerous for the very young, adults 65 and older, and pregnant women – all of whom have impaired immune systems.

“We’re in the worst part of flu season right now, and we’re not sure if it’s at its worst or if it’s going to get worse,” said Dr. Timothy Hendrix, medical director of AdventHealth Centra.

Hendrix stated the most serious risk of influenza is a bacterial infection that can lead to pneumonia.

“That’s the biggest worry with influenza — is complications that result in hospitalization and possibly death,” he went on to say.

As a result, he advises individuals to obtain the flu shot to avoid catching the illness.

Meanwhile, RSV, another respiratory illness, is on the decline in Florida, though outbreaks have been documented in Flagler and Martin counties, according to the FDOH.

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