Florida Dollar General Overcomes Tragedy, Reopens Its Doors Following Deadly Mass Shooting


Florida’s Jacksonville: The Dollar General in Jacksonville reopened on Friday, over four months after a racially motivated mass massacre.

While some people are relieved by the news, others find it distressing.

A little more than four months have passed since the Dollar General incident with racist overtones.

The front of the store remained the same, however inside:

“It appears they removed the previous store and left it alone; it’s tidy. According to homeowner Dana Dunn, it’s impossible to tell what happened there.

It’s a whole about-face.

According to Dollar General, they installed new flooring, fresh lighting, and bigger aisles.

In addition, the company introduced a produce area, which was previously absent.

The incident clarified why the region is regarded as a food desert and low-income neighborhood.

“Everything looks nice on the inside, but my heart thought about those — goes back to the one who lost their loved ones, and I feel sorry for the family,” said Pastor W. Stewart.

He is referring to Jerrald Gallion, AJ Laguerre, and Angela Carr. They perished in the bigoted assault.

“It’s utterly absurd,” expressed Dunn.

Not every member of the community was happy about the store’s reopening.

“How am I allowed to stroll around and shop in a place where a man killed people? It’s not something I’d want to enter. I wouldn’t want to go in there as a consumer,” homeowner Roosevelt Pinkney remarked.

Hatred tore a town apart, but the survivors are doing everything they can to go on.

In this instance, the shooter ended his own life following the tragic shooting.

According to the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office, the father of the gunman discovered his son’s racist writings, a will, and a suicide note.

And the gunfire had already started when the family called the police.

Call, text, or chat with 988lifeline.org if you or someone you know is thinking of taking their own life.

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