Five Unexpected Causes of Your Constant Tiredness


One reason you can be fatigued is if you’re not getting enough sleep. Supplemental causes could be stress, an underlying medical condition, nutritional deficits, or adverse drug reactions. To find out if you have persistent fatigue, consult a physician. You’re not alone if you’re experiencing excessive fatigue or low energy.

5 Typical Reasons for Exhaustion

You Lack Hydration

Research indicates that even a slight dehydration might negatively impact your energy levels, leading to weariness and difficulty focusing. 64 ounces should be consumed daily on average. If you are unable to achieve that, think about using these suggestions to add some excitement to your H2O.

You Lack Vitamin B12

“The energy vitamins” is a common moniker for B vitamins. More specifically, fatigue and weakness may result from insufficient B12 intake. Vegetarians and vegans are more vulnerable to B12 insufficiency. Try to incorporate enough of this advise into your diet; otherwise, you might need to take supplements.

You Don’t Consume Enough Protein

Protein provides you with prolonged energy because it takes the body longer to break it down than carbohydrates do. You might be surprised to hear that your body needs a certain amount of protein to support muscle growth and repair, especially if you exercise often. Salmon is a fantastic choice because it’s high in protein and provides the much-needed B vitamins.

You’re Not Eating Enough Often

You might run out of gas after extended periods of time without any. Consume modest meals or snacks every three to four hours to maintain a consistent level of energy. Just keep in mind that sugary snacks should be avoided because they only offer a brief energy boost before crashing.

Your Thyroid Is Not Working Correctly

Many people have untreated thyroid problems that cause them to constantly feel tired and gain weight. Some symptoms include a swollen face, sudden weight gain, and joint or muscle pain or weakness, according to See your doctor for tests if your symptoms seem to fit.

Naturally, remember this: Even though any of these situations might be depleting your energy, resolving them won’t make it any less important to obtain a decent night’s sleep—every night.

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