Drunk Driver Hits and Kills Pedestrian, Drives With Body for 38 Miles

Image by: The Times of India

A shocking incident from Texas indicates that a man drove 38 miles with the cut body of a walker he hit because he thought the person was a deer at first.

The White Settlement Police Department said that on Saturday night, police were sent to a Jack in the Box parking lot. This happened after someone called to check on someone and saw a man “slumped over the wheel” of a badly damaged Kia Forte.

According to USAToday, When the police arrived, they saw what looked like a dead person in the passenger seat of the car. At the scene, fire and medical staff confirmed that the passenger had died.

Based on what investigators found, the person had been hit so hard that they were thrown inside the car. The police think the car had been in the restaurant’s parking lot for at least two hours before someone called 911.

In a press conference that WFAA recorded, White Settlement Police Chief Christopher Cook called the accident a high-speed crash. Half of the windshield of the car was gone, and the victim had lost some clothes and body parts. Cook also saw signs that the driver was very drunk.

The suspect, Nester Lujuan Flores, 31, was caught and is expected to be charged with killing while drunk. As of Monday afternoon, Douglas Sisk, a spokesman for the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, said that the charges were still being worked out.

In a strange turn of events, Flores told the cops that he thought he had hit an animal in Dallas. He then drove to the parking lot where he was later found. When Chief Cook spoke to the press, he said that Flores should have seen the victim as a person and gotten help.

The investigation is now being led by the Dallas County Sheriff’s Office, which found human remains near an I-30 service road that may be connected to the person whose body was found in Flores’s car.

The medical examiners’ offices in Dallas County and Tarrant County are working together to find out who the victim is. So far as Sisk was aware, a sure identification had not been made by Monday afternoon.

What happened in this terrible accident shows how terrible it is to drive while drunk and how important it is to act right away after any accident.

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