Discover Top Five Ohio Cities for LGBTQ+ Families Community


While Ohio may not be renowned as the world’s LGBTQ+ capital, it does have some amazing cities. Certain neighborhoods in Ohio are very welcoming and supportive of LGBTQ+ folks. If you’re thinking about working with an LGBTQ+ real estate agent to migrate to Ohio, here are a few areas to consider.

1. Exploring Toledo

If you’re thinking about living in Toledo, Ottawa Hills is a great option. This neighborhood is well-known for its dynamic and accepting culture, which serves as a hub for the area’s LGBT population. Ottawa Hills has a largely elderly population, yet it is known for its excellent school district.

2. In the vicinity of Dayton

Grafton Hill in Dayton is a bustling enclave that has become a magnet for the city’s LGBT population, spanning about 18 blocks. If you want a property with a rich history, this is the place for you. The houses in this region are extremely outstanding, particularly those on the Historic Registry.

Even if you don’t live in one of these mansions, you can’t help but admire its beauty. Once again, this is a neighborhood full of senior inhabitants who have found their niche and are typically content with their living circumstances.

3. Cleveland

Cleveland has a range of suburbs and areas that welcome LGBT persons and families. Tremont, for example, is recognized as Cleveland’s art area, attracting a varied and welcoming community. The homes in this neighborhood are attractive older homes, many of which have been renovated over time. In addition, there are some excellent restaurants.

4. Lakewood

Lakewood is located near Cleveland. This region, located on the city’s west side, is well-known for its thriving commercial center. The city has a population of just more than 50,000, making it smaller than Cleveland. However, it is at a good location for commuting. During the 1990s, Lakewood had Ohio’s largest per capita LGBT population.

Detroit Shoreway is the third largest city in the Cleveland region. The city’s theatrical sector has recently seen a tremendous increase in popularity. Furthermore, its accessible location on Highway 90 makes it an appealing option for commuters who prefer not to live in Cleveland.

5. Exploring Cincinnati

The Northside area of Cincinnati is well-known for its thriving LGBT culture. Every year, this area hosts the Cincinnati Pride Parade. The region is home to multiple LGBT families, with the average Northside inhabitant being in their mid-30s. This location has become a favorite long-term home for many people.


Ohio, while not well renowned as an LGBTQ+ hotspot, has accepting communities for the community. Toledo’s Ottawa Hills, Dayton’s Grafton Hill, Cleveland’s Tremont and Lakewood, and Cincinnati’s Northside all stand out for their welcoming cultures that value diversity and offer potential safe havens for LGBTQ+ persons and families.

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