Discover the Weirdest Restaurant in New Jersey That’s Making Waves


Dark Side of the Moo offers a unique and exciting eating experience in New Jersey. This Jersey City restaurant has been dubbed the craziest eating place in the state by multiple media publications, and with good reason.

Dark Side of the Moo specializes in unusual meats including alligator, kangaroo, yak, and python, which can be served as burgers, hot dogs, tacos, or even ice cream. That’s right—ice cream. The menu includes unique flavors like chocolate-covered cricket, bacon, and maple, and fiery dark chocolate with cayenne pepper.

Origins of Dark Side of the Moo

Dark Side of the Moo started as a food truck in 2012, founded by Evan Hennessey, a former chef who wanted to add something new and exciting to the culinary industry. Hennessey first served burgers prepared from grass-fed beef and bison but saw a desire for more unusual selections.

As a result, he began procuring meats from across the world and experimenting with new recipes and sauces, such as hot ghost pepper mayo and blueberry barbecue sauce. The brick-and-mortar restaurant in Jersey City launched in 2014, continuing to service existing customers while also attracting new ones.

What to Anticipate

A visit to Dark Side of the Moo guarantees a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere packed with comedy and wonder. The restaurant’s décor includes cow skulls, animal patterns, and Star Wars memorabilia.

The menu is meticulously organized into categories such as “The Light Side” (normal meats), “The Dark Side” (strange meats), and “The Force” (vegetarian and vegan choices). Customers can also pick from salads, soups, sides, and desserts. Dark Side of the Moo caters to a wide range of interests, with most products priced between $6 and $15, big quantities, and robust, wonderful flavors.

Popular delicacies for daring diners include alligator hot dogs, kangaroo burgers, yak tacos, and python chili. Furthermore, the locally manufactured ice cream, made from natural ingredients, is available in a range of flavors, some of which are seasonal.

Why Should You Try It?

While Dark Side of the Moo may not be for the faint of heart, it is certainly worth a try for anyone looking for a fresh and fun experience. The unexpected flavor and suppleness of exotic meats combined with creative sauces and garnishes may surprise you. Furthermore, trying new ice cream flavors or simply enjoying a fantastic tale might make your vacation unforgettable. The Dark Side of the Moo allows you to release your inner carnivore or Jedi and have a fantastic feast. So why wait? May the Moo be with you.

Final Words

Dark Side of the Moo in Jersey City, New Jersey, provides a one-of-a-kind eating experience including unusual meats such as alligator and kangaroo offered in burgers, hot dogs, and even ice cream. Chef Evan Hennessey founded the restaurant, and its unusual décor, complete with cow skulls and Star Wars memorabilia, adds to the distinct experience. With costs ranging from $6 to $15, it’s a bold yet rewarding voyage for those looking for unique sensations and gastronomic pleasure. May the Moo be with you.

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