Discover The Texas Cities Would Be in Horrific Danger During Nuclear War


If World War III breaks out, one Texas city is among the most likely targets for enemy nuclear weapons, but I believe this one may be more likely.

As if that weren’t terrifying enough, Business Insider claims that Houston is among the top 6 targets and that no American city is prepared to deal with the fallout from such an attack.

I’m fairly certain that Amarillo and a few other Texas cities, like El Paso, are also highly ranked. Why are they? Continue reading.

Houston is ranked highly on the “hit” list due to several factors, including its large population and status as a center for the energy and other sectors crucial to conducting war.

El Paso: Why Is It a Prime Target

However, despite the fact that we are somewhat separated from the rest of Texas, we are one of the most important ports of entry with Mexico.

Holloman, White Sands, and Fort Bliss are just some of the big military complexes that are located in close proximity to us. It is common knowledge among the major military players and the evil guys on the planet.

Amarillo has a population of approximately 200,000 people, which is not significantly higher than that of Las Cruces, and the city does not have a significant military presence. On the other hand, they do possess something else.

The Pantex Plant, which is located somewhat outside of Amarillo, is quietly putting together all of our nuclear weapons. Yes, each and every one of them. From this, the term “Bomb City” was born.

In addition, Pantex is the sole location where the weapons can be disassembled once they are no longer required by the military.

As stated on its website, Pantex places a primary emphasis on the following:

  • Nuclear weapons undergo continuous maintenance, modifications, and evaluations to enhance their safety and reliability, as well as to incorporate new technologies.
  • The elimination of nuclear weapons from the national stockpile through the process of dismantlement.
  • Plumtonium-containing components are being stored in an interim capacity.
  • The assembly of nuclear weapons, in particular joint test assemblies that are utilized in tests that are not nuclear.
  • Research and development of high explosives that surround nuclear components of bombs are now being undertaken.

Statistical Data:

City Factors Contributing to Being a Target Population Military Presence Notable Facilities Special Considerations
Houston Large population, key energy, and war-related sectors High Significant Energy and war-related industries Lack of preparedness for fallout from a nuclear attack
El Paso Proximity to military complexes (Holloman, White Sands, Fort Bliss) Moderate Proximity Military complexes and major port of entry with Mexico Strategic importance in terms of military complexes and trade
Amarillo Pantex Plant – Nuclear weapons assembly and disassembly facility Moderate Pantex Plant Pantex Plant – Assembly and disassembly of nuclear weapons Unique status as a key facility for nuclear weapons handling
Las Cruces Proximity to Amarillo, moderate population Moderate Limited presence No notable facilities Associated with Amarillo’s Pantex Plant and potential risks

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In Summary

In conclusion, it is determined that enemy nuclear weapons in Texas might potentially attack Houston, El Paso, and Amarillo. Houston is a prime target due to its sizable population and strategic significance in the energy and defense industries. El Paso’s vulnerability is increased by its location near military installations and its importance as a port of entry. One notable feature of Amarillo is the Pantex Plant, which assembles and disassembles the country’s nuclear weapons. There could be hazards in Las Cruces, which is close to Amarillo. The analysis draws attention to the many variables, such as population density, military strength, and strategic installations, that could affect the choice of targets in the case of World War III.

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