Discover The Cheapest City To Live In Texas


If living as cheaply as possible is one of your goals, there are plenty of excellent possibilities.

Living in Texas is great in a lot of ways. There’s a lot to love about this place, from the diverse geography to the business-friendly environment to the pleasant Texans who live up to the Southern hospitality stereotype. Of course, there are several reasons why so many people are relocating here.

In addition to general inflation and the rising cost of living, many individuals, including native Texans who have lived here their entire lives, may be searching for more affordable places to call home in the Lone Star State. This brings us to the topic of all those people moving here from out of state.

Which Texas City is Said To Have The Lowest Housing Costs

Fortunately, there are choices available for people who like Texas as their home but might require something a little more affordable. And the on-location work paradigm we’ve been living with for a long time has shifted as more and more jobs are being done remotely.

Finding a cheaper place to live in Texas has become more important for those who intend to retire soon, provided that the location offers a lifestyle that works for them, their family, and their stage of life.

With a typical home sale price of $65,000, San Angelo is the cheapest city in Texas to live in, according to a recent Redfin article. Other reasonably priced cities are Abilene and Wichita Falls.

It’s crucial to remember that a city’s cost of living is not exclusively based on the median price of homes sold. The price of groceries, utilities, transportation, and healthcare are just a few of the additional expenses that greatly affect how much it costs to live in a city.

What Is The Average Salary In Texas

Payscale reports that the average annual pay in Texas is $75,000. Nonetheless, ZipRecruiter notes that Texas has an average yearly pay of $52,393. According to the Average Pay Survey, the yearly average pay in Texas is estimated to be $87,503.

It’s crucial to remember that factors such as job title, education level, experience, and abilities all affect typical compensation. For example, in Texas, the average yearly compensation for a software engineer is $90,816; in contrast, the average yearly compensation for a human resources manager is $72,900.

Advantages Of Living In San Angelo

San Angelo is a great place to live for many reasons. Here are some of the advantages of living in San Angelo:

  1. Warm and clear weather: San Angelo has a warm and clear climate throughout the year, with temperatures ranging from 35°F in January to 96°F in July. The average high temperature is around 60°F, and the sky is clear between 60 and 75% of the time on average.
  2. Low cost of living: San Angelo has a lower cost of living than the national average. In some areas, it even ranks below the state average. Housing is also about 32% less expensive on average.
  3. Small-town feel: San Angelo has a great small-town community feel that you treasure about Texas. It’s a quiet town that’s laid back for the most part, with plenty of culture, art, and natural beauty. Everybody knows everybody, and they’re happy to welcome you to the community.
  4. Nice locals: The locals are so welcoming in San Angelo. Everyone is more than ready to welcome you to the neighborhood, and most communities are extremely welcoming. If you plan on attending a church, you’re sure to be welcomed with open arms.
  5. Close to major cities: San Angelo might be a smaller town, but it’s close to several major cities. It has a central location that’s about four hours from most major cities. You can get to Dallas/Fort Worth in about 4 hours by car. San Antonio is only about 3 hours away, and Austin is a similar distance.
  6. Outdoor attractions and activities: San Angelo is home to several outdoor attractions and activities, including the San Angelo State Park, the Concho River Walk, and the International Waterlily Collection. These attractions offer a variety of recreational opportunities, including hiking, fishing, and bird-watching.

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In conclusion, Texas provides a variety of cost-effective living choices for anyone looking to cut costs while taking advantage of everything that the state has to offer. With benefits including a pleasant, unobstructed climate, a cost of living that is less than the national average, and a cozy small-town atmosphere, San Angelo sticks out as a desirable option. San Angelo is a prime example of where one can obtain reasonably priced housing in Texas due to its unusually low median home selling price. Furthermore, people are free to select locations based on their tastes and financial constraints as remote employment becomes more common. Looking into more affordable living options, like San Angelo, is becoming a more alluring idea, especially for those who are planning a retirement, as the state’s business-friendly climate and varied attractions continue to draw in inhabitants.

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