Discover San Antonio’s Puerto Rican Cuisine: A Trio of Tropical Delights


In the middle of San Antonio, these restaurants are the best places to get a taste of Puerto Rico. From the authentic tastes of Mahi Mahi and Mofongo at CostaMar Seafood & Grill to the original Puerto Rican food and bright decor at Hierba Fresca Restaurant, each place offers a different culinary trip.

Tex-Rican Restaurant serves traditional dishes and drinks that engage guests in the rich culture of Puerto Rico. The culture tapestry is made complete by La Garita Restaurant, which is known for its friendly setting and large portions. These Puerto Rican gems in San Antonio will take your taste buds on a culinary adventure that will remind you of the Caribbean.

1. Luna Rosa Grill y Tapas Puerto Rican

  • Adress: 910 S. Alamo, San Antonio, TX 78205
  • Phone: (210) 314-2723
  • Desc:Puerto Rican and Tapas Bars

Welcome to our hidden gem in the neighborhood. The setting is just as appealing as the food. Our restaurant is known for its mix of Caribbean and Creole tastes. We serve meals like Mofongo stuffed with octopus, Caribbean Nachos, and La Ropa Vieja. Our food is very tasty, and we have a large selection of drinks.

Even though we’re a small business, our great service and happy hour have made us a town favorite. Our employees are always happy to give great suggestions, and the owner is involved too. Please keep in mind that all payments are subject to an 18% service charge. We’re excited for you to come!

2. El Coqui Restaurant

  • Address: 5036 SW Military Dr, San Antonio, TX 78226
  • Phone: (210) 645-6465.
  • Desc: Puerto Rican, Buffets, and Latin American

Discover a secret gem that serves real Puerto Rican food. The service is always great, and the food is always delicious. Every dish in Latin food, from Ropa Vieja to Mofongo de Camaron, shows how full of flavor Latin food is.

Even though the restaurant looks simple from the outside, the nice, helpful staff and owner make sure that you have a great meal. Whether you’re in the service, a local, or just going through the food and atmosphere will make you feel welcome. The diner is also proud of how clean it is—they got a perfect score on their health score.

3. El Pilón Sabor Boricua

  • Address: 1127 Harry Wurzbach Hwy, San Antonio, TX 78209
  • Phone: (210) 474-0578
  • Desc: Puerto Rican, Sandwiches

Come to this popular spot in the area to start a culinary adventure where the tastes of Puerto Rico and the Caribbean come to life. This restaurant is famous for serving authentic food. Some of the most delicious meals they serve are the Cuban sandwich, Mofongo, Pernil, and the two-meat plate.

All of them are perfectly seasoned and come in large amounts. The staff is helpful and warm, and they make you feel right at home right away. Simple design aside, the food, service, and upbeat music more than makeup for it. Whether you live in the area or are just going through, this restaurant offers a memorable meal.


For true Puerto Rican food in San Antonio, visit these establishments. Each restaurant offers a distinct gastronomic experience, from Luna Rosa Grill y Tapas’ Mofongo and Caribbean Nachos to El Coqui Restaurant’s Ropa Vieja and Mofongo de Camaron. El Pilón Sabor Boricua’s Cuban sandwich and well-seasoned delicacies enhance the experience. These Puerto Rican jewels in San Antonio welcome locals and visitors to enjoy Caribbean tastes with courteous service and big quantities.

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