Discover Four Rhode Island Destinations Have Been Named Among the Most Dangerous Towns in the U.S


Rhode Island, the smallest state in the United States by land size, is noted for its beautiful coastline, historic sites, and vibrant culture. However, not every location in the Ocean State is as secure and serene.

According to the most recent FBI crime data, several towns and localities in Rhode Island have greater rates of violent and property crimes than the national and state norms. Here are four of them that you may wish to avoid or use extreme caution when visiting.

1. Pawtucket

Pawtucket, which means “River Fall” in Algonquian, is a medium-sized city in northeastern Rhode Island. It is well-known for its strong industrial legacy and contributions to the American Revolution. However, Pawtucket has some major crime concerns, with violent and property crime rates more than double the state average.

In a single year, the city saw 324 violent crimes and 1,313 property crimes, resulting in rates of 4.30 and 17.42 per 1,000 persons. The crime rate per square mile in Pawtucket is 185, which is much higher than the state average of 32.

2. Central Falls

Central Falls is Rhode Island’s smallest city by land size, with only 1.27 square miles. It is also one of the most densely inhabited and culturally diverse cities in the nation. However, Central Falls is not a very safe area to live or visit, with high rates of both violent and property crime.

In a single year, the city recorded 67 violent crimes and 246 property crimes, with rates of 2.98 and 10.95 per 1,000 people, respectively. Central Falls also has a high poverty rate of 29.9%, more than double the state average of 12.8%.

3. Woonsocket

Woonsocket is Rhode Island’s northernmost city, located near the border with Massachusetts. It is home to CVS Health’s corporate headquarters, but it also has among of the state’s highest violent crime rates. Woonsocket, with a population of 42,925, had 193 violent offenses in a year, for a per-capita violent crime rate of 449/100,000.

That number positions Woonsocket first on the list of Rhode Island’s most hazardous places. The city also has a high rate of property crime (17.46 per 1,000 population). Woonsocket has a particularly high rape rate, with 24 assaults per year.

4. Providence

Providence, Rhode Island’s capital and most populous city is a thriving and diversified community with numerous cultural, educational, and recreational options. It is home to Brown University, the Rhode Island School of Design, and other notable institutions.

However, Providence has a dark side, since it has higher rates of property and violent crime than the national and state norms. In a single year, the city saw 746 violent crimes and 4,764 property crimes, resulting in rates of 3.93 and 25.17 per 1,000 persons. Providence’s crime rate per square mile is 294, about 10 times the Rhode Island average.


In conclusion, while Rhode Island has natural beauty and cultural diversity, numerous municipalities raise safety concerns based on the most recent FBI crime data. Pawtucket, Central Falls, Woonsocket, and even the capital, Providence, have higher rates of violent and property crimes than the state and national averages, therefore use caution when visiting or living in these places.

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