Colorado Judges Targeted by Trump Supporters: Scrutiny Raises Questions about Trump’s ‘Law and Order’


Following the Colorado verdict that removed former President Trump from the primary ballot, the Supreme Court Judges have received death threats and threats of infanticide.

A spokesman for the Denver Police Department said that they are “currently investigating incidents directed at Colorado Supreme Court justices and will continue working with our local, state, and federal law enforcement partners to thoroughly investigate any reports of threats or harassment.”

Of course, all of this insurrectionist conduct is precisely what landed Donald Trump and his supporters in hot water in the first place, raising the question:

How long can the Republican Party claim to be the party of law and order?

The Constitution requires that judges be trusted to provide legal guidance; yet, Trump appears to believe that this only applies if the courts are on his side.

It is also worth noting that Trump has kept mute on the threats made against the justices, despite the fact that many people want them shot, hanged, or have their homes blown up. Some are stockpiling weapons for a civil war.

According to Fox News, one especially gruesome tweet exhorted Trump fans to “behead judges” and “slam dunk a judge’s baby into the trash can,” while another said, “This ends when we kill these f—ers.”

All of this is coming from “pro-lifers” who despise abortion yet enjoy mutilating bodies and discarding newborns. We shouldn’t be surprised, though, because the Trump support has always been more of a do as I say, not as I do party.

Consider the claims of “law and order.” It is one of the Republican mantras, from Bush to DeSantis, from KellyAnn to Nikki Haley, that they all embrace law and order. So why aren’t any of these candidates speaking out against vigilante violence?

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It’s simple…they love the law when it favors them; when it doesn’t, they call it tyranny. It is good for the GOP when the law locks up young black or brown males for marijuana possession, and it is beneficial for the GOP when police imprison BLM demonstrators. When law enforcement and law and order arrive in white America, however, GOP supporters start acting like the mob, collecting guns and preparing for battle.

While the FBI will surely investigate these individuals, the issue remains as to whether the man at the top, Donald Trump, will call it a day. When will he genuinely transform the Republican Party into the party of law and order?

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