Colorado DEPUTIES CHARGED in TASING of GRANDFATHER, Civil Case Concludes With $1.5 Million

Image by: ABC NEWS

In the year 2022, two sheriff’s officers from the state of Colorado were charged with criminal offenses for the act of repeatedly tasing a grandfather inside of Las Animas County.

As a result of the event, Kenneth Espinoza filed a civil case against the sheriff’s office, which was ultimately resolved for $1.5 million. In September of the previous year, the officers were terminated from their positions. Both Henry Trujillo and Mikhail Noel, who had previously served as deputies for the Las Animas Sheriff’s Department, are now facing criminal charges for how they handled a traffic stop.

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Each of them is charged with menacing, assault in the third degree, failure of a peace officer to intervene, official misconduct, official oppression, and official misconduct. These are all considered to be misdemeanors; however, if they are found guilty of the assault, misconduct, oppression, or failure to intervene charges, they will be removed from their positions as police officers in the state of Colorado.

The attorney for Espinoza is relieved that the former officers have been prosecuted, but he is disappointed that none of the allegations are considered to be crimes.

In a statement released on Monday, attorney Kevin Mehr stated, “While we are pleased to see that, after more than a year, the District Attorney’s Office is finally taking action, this is a long way from justice.” Kenneth Espinoza was mistreated by these individuals. They drugged him out of his car in broad daylight, struck him, jammed his leg in a car door, pointed weapons at him, tased him many times in the body, and tased him in the face CBSNEWS.

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Other things that they did include pointing guns at him. The facts unequivocally lend credence to a multitude of felony allegations, and it is disheartening to observe that these cops continue to be treated differently than regular residents.

On Monday afternoon, the attorneys for the deputies did not immediately respond to voicemails that were left for comment consideration. On July 24th, they are scheduled to appear in court.

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